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Electrically Insulated Ball Bearings for Variable Frequency Drive Motors

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Variable frequency motor refers to a motor that runs continuously within the range of 10% to 100% rated speed at 100% rated load under standard environmental conditions, and the temperature rise will not exceed the motor's calibrated allowable value.

EASIER's new series of Electrically Insulated ball bearings for Variable frequency motor are specifically tailored to the customer's needs. All of these bearings feature a sheet steel cage, which provides the following advantages compared to a standard solid brass cage: 

• Easier bearing relubrication in the application 

• Reduced weight 

• Reduced noise generation thanks to optimized cage pocket geometry 

Current insulated cylindrical roller bearing

The series includes two variants that additionally provide protection against the passage of current by means of either coated inner or outer rings or ceramic balls.

The new series of ball bearings bears the suffix “-G” (e. g. 6330-G) and features the same outside dimensions as standard deep groove ball bearings. The design has been customized for use in Variable frequency motors. Three variants are available depending on the application:

Standard steel variant (e.g. 6330-G) 

• All components made from high-quality bearing steel 

• Easier relubrication thanks to the sheet steel cage 

• Reduced noise generation due to optimized cage pocket geometry 

Variant with current-insulating coating (e.g. 6330-G-J20GA): 

• Inner or outer ring coated with EASIER's INSUTECT (ceramic) coating 

• Secure protection against disruptive voltages of 1,000V DC to 5,000V DC through the use of different coating thicknesses 

• INSUTECT coating provides outstanding protection even in high levels of humidity 

Electrially insulated ball bearing application

Variant with current-insulating ceramic balls (e.g. HC6330-G): 

• Rolling elements made from high-quality ceramic material provide optimum insulation protection 

• Longer bearing and grease operating life 

• Ceramic balls ensure optimum emergency running characteristics

With the rapid development of power electronics technology and new semiconductor devices, AC speed regulation technology has been continuously improved and improved, and gradually improved inverters have been widely used in AC motors with their good output waveforms and excellent performance-to-price ratio. For example: large motors and medium and small roller motors used in steel mills, traction motors for railways and urban rail transit, elevator motors, lifting motors for container lifting equipment, motors for water pumps and fans, compressors, and household appliances Motors, etc. have successively used AC variable frequency speed-regulating motors, and achieved good results[1]. The use of AC variable frequency speed-regulating motors has significant advantages over DC speed-regulating motors, And Electrically insulated bearings can meet the high demand for low noise, prevent and insulated function for the Variable frequency motor.

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