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6204 bearing quality level

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As we know,6204 bearing is the most used bearing size on the market,we can see this bearing anywhere,anytime,6204 bearing exist in our life and high precision industrial application.But most of people who are not working in bearing field didnot know the different quality of 6204 bearing.
And let me talk about the quality of 6204 bearing,first.different material make different quality,iron 6204 bearing is the lowest  quality level,it have very low cost,so the price of 6204 bearing is very low price,but this quality 6204 bearing can not reach the right dimension,so it means if you have strictly demand about the dimension,this quality can not reach your application demand,and also the bad capacity,it hard to find iron 6204 bearing on the market now.
Second is the carbon steel 6204 bearing,it made in Carbon steel,it is the higher quality than iron 6204 bearing,but it is under pressed machine and lathe machine,although it has the higher precision than iron 6204 bearing,if you use this in normal application,only few hundard ring per minute,you can choose the carbon steel 6204 bearing.
Third one is also the most used kind 6204 bearing,this bearing adopt chrome steel material,its harden is 58-63HRC,chrome steel6204 bearing is under grinding machine production and super finished machine production,so it have very high preicion and speed,normally the chrome steel 6204 bearing can reach 3000r/min ,the higher quality can be more than 10,000r/min,this 6204 bearing have ABEC-1,ABEC-3,ABEC-5 preicion design,and also Z1V1,Z2V2,Z3V3 noise level and vibrating level,the higher precision and lower noise ,the cost will be higher,XRB have single box 6204 bearing design,it can supply OEM service for customer if needed.
The forth is stainless steel 6204 bearing,it made in stainless steel,it is widely used in the application where need clean environment,waterproof,Corrosion resistance,so stainless steel have the higher cost than chrome steel 6204 bearing, this material 6204 bearing XRB (China bearing manufacturer) accept ordered production, and the last one is ceramice 6204 bearing,it has very high cost and little quantity on the market. we don't introduce this 6204 bearing ,if you want to know more about this bearing,please contact with our engineer: brandbearings@gmail.com ,skype:brandbearings

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