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6204 bearing with different quality

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XRB can supply many different quality 6204 bearing,it can be different material or quality level,so it can meeting different applications,6204 bearing can be made of carbon steel material,chrome steel material,stainless steel deep groove ball bearings,ceramic deep groove ball bearing.
6204 bearing is the most widely used design,it can be used in industry and automotive applications:
Carbon steel 6204 bearing:low quality and lower cost,mainly used in some low speed and light load capacity applications,most of carbon steel 6204 bearing export to Indian,Pakistan,Bangladesh and some African countries.
chrome steel 6204 bearing with lathe machine,this type of 6204 bearing is better quality than carbon steel,the hardness of bearing is between 58-63HRC,but not high precision,only the dimension is nearly to the standard ABEC-1 quality,so it is also the lower quality as well as the carbon steel.the same market with carbon steel.
chrome steel 6204 bearing with grinding machine is stand ABEC-1 quality,it bearing can be produced ABEC-1,ABEC-3,ABEC-5 quality level,this quality we usually installation on the electric motor,Household applications etc which are need the high speed,long serfice life,low noise.XRB export 6204 bearing to America,European countries,Brazil,Russia etc.
stainless steel 6204 bearing and ceramic 6204 bearing is better quality and longer service life than chrome steel,it used in food production,pharmaceuticals industry,aerospace etc applications,which need long time service life,lowest noise,cleaness,high speed,corrosion resisting,waterproof features,XRB export them to high end market of the world.
However,XRB (China bearing manufacturer)always produce and supply the most valuable products to the market,do business and service with Honesty,strive to do long term business with any of our customer who need 6204 bearing.

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