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6315/C3VL0241 electrical insulated bearing

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6315/C3VL0241 bearing is insulated bearing and deep groove ball Bearings with a Ceramic Coating, the bearing have an electrically insulating coat on the outer ring(suffix VL0241) or on the inner ring(suffix VL2071), respectively. insulated bearing are widely used in generator, Alternator ,there are 100μm thick coating on the surface of inner or outer ring, the insocoat bearing can bear voltages up to 1000V DC,insulated & insocoat bearing can keep away from moisture and humidity,it can carry radial and axial loads in both directions.

6315/C3VL0241 bearing provide a bearing function and electrical insulation,virtually eliminates premature bearing failure caused by stray electric currents,electrical insulated bearing can reduce the number of failures and improve the machine uptime,reduce the cost of maintenace.

electrically insulated bearings  

High speed insulated deep groove ball bearing
6315/C3VL0241 Bearing   
75×160×37mm bearing
insocoat Bearing type Insulated deep groove ball bearing
 inner diameter 75mm
outer diameter 160mm
width diameter 37mm
6315/C3VL0241 insulated deep groove ball bearing weight 3.05kg
 insulated bearing are available from many design, variants, series and size,

 Insulated deep groove bearing with a coated inner ring or outer ring,with inch & metric size insocoat bearing

6315/C3VL0241 bearing with steel cage can accommodate very heavy radial loads and very high speeds,

Metarial:High quality chrome steel 
Lubrication:Oil or grease
dynamic load rating:114kN  
static load rating:76.5kN
Fatigue load limit:0kN
Reference speed:5600r/min 
limiting speed:9000r/min
6315/C3VL0241 bearing are widely used in industry area:  ►Power generation
►wheelsets and traction motors(rail vehicles)
DC and AC motors (drivetrains)
►generators (wind power)


XRB is the
 China bearing manufacturer exporter & supplier,it can supply 6315/C3VL0241 bearing, Our large quantity insulated deep groove ball bearing Stock can meet your need with good quality and fast delivery, 
Also you can find EASIER 6315/C3VL0241 Bearing, the other type and brand insulated deep groove ball bearing,insocoat tapered roller bearing,Current-Insulated Bearings

XRB bearings provide effective protection against AC and DC currents. The specifications for different design are:

VL0241 Electrical resistance:min.50MW,breakdown voltage:max.operating voltage 1000V DC. 
VL0246 Electrical resistance: >150MW,breakdown voltage:max.operating voltage 3000 V DC.
VL2071 Electrical resistance: min.50 MW,breakdown voltage: max.operatingvoltage 1000 V DC.
VL2074 Electrical resistance: >150MW,breakdown voltage: max.operating voltage 2 000 V DC.

We accepted DHL,FEDEX,TNT express for small order and samples order,also the transportation By Air or By Sea,by Train are all avaiable.we asure we can ship high quality 6315/C3VL0241 bearing to your office at the first time.more price and drawing of the bearings,please contact with our sales team.

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