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FSDR..K Series Trunnion plummer block housings for grinding mills

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FSDR..K plummer(pillow) block housings are split housings consisting of a cup and base,and two covers, the cap has two integral flanges,with a hole cast into each one,the base has four cast holes for attachment bolts,the split covers,which  contain an eye bolt in each half,are attached to the housing body with eight bolts,the labyrinth rings are supplied with eye bolts that can be removed after mounting,
FSDR..K plummer block housings are made of grey cast iron.they have the following features and benefits Superior sealing solution, the multi-stage labyrinth seal,which is standard for all trunnion plummer block housings,is a highly effective sealing that can prevent the ingress of contaminants even during high-pressure wash downs.the inclined outside face of the labyrinth ring helps to prevent water and contaminants from entering the labyrinth.
Trunnion plummer block housings typically require large amounts of grease at frequent intervals,to purge contaminants from spherical roller bearing and housing, with grinding mill housings,however ,the highly effective multi-stage labyrinth seal makes it possible to extend relubrication intervals,helps to eliminate overgreasing and reduce grease consumption.the covers and labyrinth rings are split for easy removal,this enables the plummer block housings,spherical roller bearing and seals to be inspected,or replaced,and used grease to be removed,without dismounting the split plummer block housings.the base ends of FSDR..K split plummer block housings are machined to make alignment easier and to provide a flat surface for stops. ventilating values are supplied witht the housing , they help to prevent high pressures,which can be caused by heat, from build up in the housings,
FSDR..K plummer block housings are supplied with following components:
Split plummer block housings
2 Covers,including O-rings and 8 hexagon head bolts per cover(16 in total)
2 labyrinth rings,including 10 hexagon head bolts per labyrinth ring(20 in total)
2 shaft sleeves ,including O-rings
2 locating rings
2 ventilating valves
2 PTFE Strips 
The spherical roller bearing, bearing sleeves,V ring seals and clamping bands must be ordered separatly.for example a trunnion plummer block housings is required for a 239/1060CAK/W33 spherical roller bearings,the following items should be ordered:
1. 1 housing FSDR39/1060K
2. 1 spherical roller bearings 239/1060CAK/W33
3. 1 bearing sleeve KOH39/1060
4. 2 V-ring seals 1180 VRME R
5. 4 clamping bands
Designation of Trunnion plummer block housings for grinding mills
FSDR39/850K housing + 239/850CAK/W33 Bearing + KOH39/850 sleeve
FSDR39/1060K housing + 239/1060CAK/W33 Bearing + KOH39/1060 sleeve
FSDR39/1180K housing + 239/1180CAK/W33 Bearing + KOH39/1180 sleeve
FSDR49/1320K housing + 249/1320CAK/W33 Bearing + 236696-1 sleeve
FSDR48/1500K housing + 248/1500CAK/W33 Bearing + 236558 sleeve
As the experienced China bearing manufacturer & factory & exporter & supplier,it can supply Original FSDR..K Series Trunnion plummer block housings for grinding mills ,Our large quantity FSDR..K Series Trunnion plummer block housings for grinding mills Stock can meet your need for quality wth lowest price and fast delivery.We accepted DHL, FEDEX,TNT express for small order and samples order,also the transportation By AIR or By Sea,by Train are all avaiable.we are sure we can ship FSDR..K Series Trunnion plummer block housings for grinding mills to your office at the first time.More technical details,please contact 
with :
E-mail: brandbearings@gmail.com,

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