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How to assembly the NTN plummer block housings with spherical roller bearing

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How to assembly the NTN plummer block housings with spherical roller bearing cylindrical bore
When installing two or more NTN plummer blocks with spherical roller bearings cylindrical bore on a shaft, use one block to locate the outer ring of a spherical roller bearing in the axial direction, and arrange the other plummer blocks so that the outer ring of bearings in the latter block can move freely in the axial direction.once the NTN spherical roller bearings has been installed to the shaft and the associated components have been inserted over the shaft, assemble the NTN Plummer blocks according to the following precedure.
1.Temporarily install the lower NTN plummer block housings to the frame.
2. Fit the locating bearing into the lower NTN plummer block housings,together with the seal and stabilizing ring.
3.Ajust the position of the NTN plummer blocks of the non-locating spherical roller bearings to center the bearing to the spherical roller bearings seat. if the NTN Plummer blocks is to be used in a high temperature environment ,carefully position the spherical roller bearing considering the thermal expansion of the shaft.
4.Once the NTN spherical roller bearings is correctly located,check the squareness of the NTN plummer blocks relative to the shaft,only then ,fully tighten the nut, remember a larger mounting error can cause the seal to fail or the shaft to interfere with the NTN spherical roller bearing bore,leading to non-smooth running,if such
a problem occurs,correct the mounting seat,and then,install the lower NTN plummer block housing.
5.If the NTN spherical roller bearing is lubricated with grease, fill the bearing interior with grease,and apply grease to the mating surfaces of the upper and lower NTN plummer block housings,also amply apply grease to the sliding surface of the seal,in the case of a self aligning roller bearings,incline the outer ring to allow a sufficient volume of grease to be packed into the gaps between the rollers and the cage.
6. In the case of oil lubricated bearing,fill the oil up to the center of the lowest rolling element.
7.After filling with lubricant ,check the mating surfaces between the upper and lower NTN plummer block housings are stable in contact with each other,remember to apply grease to the mating serfaces on the NTN plummer block housings to ensure reliable sealing and rust-proofing,then, fully tighten the tightening bolt.note that either the upper or lower housing of particular NTN Plummer block is incompatible with the lower or upper housing of another plummer block,do not confuse
the like housings,knock pin seats are provided at the comers the bed so locking knock pins can be driven into these seats,use these seats when intending to install a NTN plummer block with utmost precision.
Cylindrical bore of NTN spherical roller bearings
1.press fitting
a, it is recommended that a small bearing of smaller tightening allowance be press fitted by forcing a press fitting jig onto the end face of inner ring.
b, for easy fitting ,apply mineral oil or molybdenum bisulfide lubricant to fitting surfaces on the shaft and bearing,during the press fitting work,make sure that the NTN spherical roller bearing inner ring is not tilted.
2. Shrink-fitting
a,to install a medium or large NTN spherical roller bearing or self aligning ball bearing, a shrink fitting technique can be conveniently employed. the heating temperature for shrink fitting can be selected  based on the bearing dimension and tightening allowance requirements, remember the temperature of the bearing must not exceed 120 degree.
b, usually the bearing is heated in oil,however,it may be heated in a heater.
c, the oil used as a heating medium is clean machine oil or transformer oil ,the heating oil bath must be amply sized and contain sufficient amount of oil, be careful not to allow the NTN spherical roller bearing to directly contact the vessel,
d, after fitting the bearing onto a shaft, allow it to cool off,note that the bearing will also shrink in the axial direction, to avoid gap occurrence between the bearing face and shaft shoulder.
e, make sure the NTN spherical roller bearing is fully seated on the shaft shoulder,then insert the washer and nut over the shaft,and secure the bearing by tightening the nuts once the nuts has been fully tightened,bend a tab on the washer and fit it into the cutour on the nut,if a tab cannot be readily fitted into the cutout,further turn the nut until the tab meets the cutout.
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