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Method for installation of pillow block bearing

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The pillow block bearing is actually a variant of deep groove ball bearings.
 It is characterized by its outer diameter of the outer ring surface being spherical, Can be fitted into the corresponding concave spherical surface of the bearing housing to play the role of self-aligning.When encountering the need to disassemble or install an pillow block bearing, many users do not know how to do it. Let me introduce you to the installation and disassembly methods.

Installation of pillow block bearing

1.Before installing the bearing on the shaft, the fixing pin of the bearing housing must be removed first.At the same time, the surface of the journal is smoothed and cleaned, and oil is rust-proof and lubricated at the journal (allowing the bearing to rotate slightly on the shaft).

1. Apply lubricant to the bearing seat and bearing housing surface, and install the bearing into the bearing housing.Then place the assembled bearing on the shaft together with the bearing housing. Push it to the desired position for installation.

2. The bolts of the fixed bearing housing should not be tightened first, so that the pillow block bearing can be rotated in the bearing housing.

Also install the other end bearing and seat on the same shaft, turn the shaft a few turns, and let the bearing itself automatically find the position. Then fasten the bearing block bolts.

3. Install the eccentric sleeve. First, eccentric sleeve is placed on the eccentric step of the inner sleeve of the bearing, and tightened by hand in the direction of rotation of the shaft.Then insert or hold the small iron rod against the counterbore on the eccentric sleeve.Tap the small iron rod with the hammer in the direction of the shaft. Make the eccentric sleeve securely fast, and finally lock the hexagon socket screw on the eccentric sleeve.


Disassembly of the pillow block bearing

1. First of all, loosen the locking screw on the eccentric sleeve of the bearing with an Allen key, then insert the small iron rod into the hole on the eccentric sleeve of the top cover.Loosen the eccentric sleeve against the direction of rotation of the shaft.

2. Loosen the bolts that secure the bearing housing. Remove the bearing from the shaft together with the housing.Note that before the bearing housing at one end of the shaft is removed, the bearing bolts at the other end of the shaft should be loosened to prevent the bearings at both ends from being damaged by each other.

XRB (China Bearing manufacturer) remind you that Before installing or disassembling the pillow block bearing, you should have some basic operational knowledge to avoid the loss caused by blind operation.

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