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Combine harvester Bearing

Combine harvester is a product with the most complicated structure, high technology content, and strict manufacturing technology level among agricultural machinery. Therefore, the requirements for the quality of operating users are relatively high.

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The grain combine harvester is abbreviated as the combine harvester, which is a combination machine for harvesting crops. It is mainly used for combined harvesting of wheat crops. It can complete cutting, threshing, separation and cleaning operations in the field at one time. When used for segmented harvesting, a grater picker is installed on the harvesting table to pick up the dried grain strips and complete the operations such as threshing, separation and cleaning. When additional equipment (such as soybean low-cutting device, etc.) is added to the grain combine harvester, or after proper modification and adjustment, it can harvest rice, corn, soybeans, millet and overhead grain crops


Combine harvester is a product with the most complicated structure, high technology content, and strict manufacturing technology level among agricultural machinery. Therefore, the requirements for the quality of operating users are relatively high.

Harvest season is hard, and a machinery breakdown at this crucial time can endanger a full season of hard work. Combine harvesters are amongst the most complex of farming machines; reliant on many sub-systems to achieve the harvesting, threshing and winnowing of the crop and final unloading of the grain.

Bearing Solutions for combine harvester applications


Among the many products especially developed to handle harsh conditions, EASIER offers insert bearing units (relubrication-free, quick and easy to mount), a range of radial ball and roller bearings, seals and lubrication systems. For applications where the contamination risk is high, EASIER agricultural insert bearing units with their relubricationfree design and increased service life can help to:

• Reduce maintenance and ownership costs

• Keep grease from contaminating the grain


There are many kinds of bearing used in Combine harvester.

1. Spherical bearings for Combine harvester

2. Double row angular contact ball bearing

3. Deep groove ball bearing

4. Insert bearing unit & pillow block bearing

5. Mounted ball bearing unit

6. Sealed spherical roller bearing

7. Spherical roller bearing

Bearing for Combine harvester machinery

Designation TypeBore / shaft diameterBore typeOuter diameterSeal type
Double row angular contact ball bearingmmmm
3201 ATN912,000Round32
3204 CE-2RS1TN9 / C3 20,000Round471-lip RS1
3214 A 70,000Round125
Head – Insert and special bearings

203KPP5016,256Round403-lip LS
204KRR2 1) 317,653Hexagonal471-lip G
FH206-18-AP 528,575Round621-lip F
207KRRB9 328,600Hexagonal721-lip G
207KPPB57 331,775Hexagonal723-lip LS
Head – Deep groove ball bearing

6304-2RSH20,000Round521-lip RSH
6015-2RS1 75,000Round1151-lip RS1
Head – Mounted unit

207-KPPB57-H-FT-A17 31,775Oval130,23-lip LS

DesignationTypeBore / shaft diameterBore typeOuter diameterSeal type
Feederhouse / Rotor – Spherical roller Bearing
BS2-2206-2RS / VT143 630,000Round621-lip RS1
BS2-2207-RS / VT143 635,000Round721-lip RS1
22208 E 740,000Round80
BS2-2208-2RS / VT143 640,000Round801-lip RS1
BS2-2208-2RSW / GEM9 640,000Round802RSW2)
BS2-2212-2RS / VT143 660,000Round1101-lip RS1
Feederhouse / Rotor – Insert and special bearings
W208PPB16331,780Hexagonal803-lip LS
209KRRB2338,100Hexagonal851-lip G
FH208-40MM-AP540,000Round801-lip F
W211KRRB50344,475Hexagonal1001-lip G
DesignationTypeBore / shaft diameterBore typeOuter diameterSeal type
Clean Grain/Residue – Insert and specialBearingsmmmm
204KRR2 1)317,653Hexagonal471-lip G
FH205-14-AP522,225Round521-lip F
205KPPB2322,250Hexagonal523-lip LS
FH205-25MM-AP525,000Round521-lip F
HC205-25MM-AP525,000Round521-lip G
UC205-25MM-AP625,000Round521-lip G
YELAG 205525,000Round523-lip HS
YARAG 205625,000Round523-lip HS
FH205-16-AP525,400Round521-lip F
HC205-16-AP525,400Round521-lip G
YELAG 205-100525,400Round523-lip HS
206KRR6 1)325,425Hexagonal621-lip R
FH206-18-AP528,575Round621-lip F
YELAG 206-102528,575Round623-lip HS
208KPPB52328,600Hexagonal803-lip LS
FH206-30MM-AP530,000Round621-lip F
HC206-30MM-AP530,000Round621-lip G
UC206-30MM-AP630,000Round621-lip G
YELAG 206530,000Round623-lip HS
YARAG 206630,000Round623-lip HS
FH206-19-AP530,162Round621-lip F
HC206-19-AP530,162Round621-lip G
YELAG 206-103530,162Round623-lip HS
FH206-20-AP531,750Round621-lip F
FH207-20-AP531,750Round721-lip F
HC206-20-AP531,750Round621-lip G
HC207-20-AP531,750Round721-lip G
YELAG 207-104531,750Round723-lip HS
FH207-22-AP534,925Round721-lip F
FHR207-22-AP-SP2 1)534,925Round721-lip F
HC207-22-AP534,925Round721-lip G
YELAG 207-106534,925Round723-lip HS
FH207-35MM-AP535,000Round721-lip F
HC207-35MM-AP535,000Round721-lip G
UC207-35MM-AP635,000Round721-lip G
207KRR3 1)235,000Round721-lip G
YELAG 207535,000Round723-lip HS
YARAG 207635,000Round723-lip HS
FH207-23-AP536,512Round721-lip F
YELAG 207-107536,512Round723-lip HS
HC207-23-AP536,513Round721-lip G

DesignationTypeBore/shaft diameterBore typeOuter diameterSeal type
Clean Grain/Residue – Insert bearings 
FH208-24-AP538,100Round801-lip F
HC208-24-AP538,100Round801-lip G
YELAG 208-108538,100Round803-lip HS
FH208-40MM-AP540,000Round801-lip F
HC208-40MM-AP540,000Round801-lip G
UC208-40MM-AP640,000Round801-lip G
YELAG 208540,000Round803-lip HS
YARAG 208640,000Round803-lip HS
HC209-26-AP541,275Round851-lip G
YELAG 209-111542,862Round853-lip HS
FH209-28-AP544,450Round851-lip F
HC209-28-AP544,450Round851-lip G
YELAG 209-112544,450Round853-lip HS
FH209-45MM-AP545,000Round851-lip F
HC209-45MM-AP545,000Round851-lip G
UC209-45MM-AP645,000Round851-lip G
YELAG 209545,000Round853-lip HS
YARAG 209645,000Round853-lip HS

DesignationTypeBore/shaft diameterBore typeOuter diameterSeal type


Clean Grain/Residue – Spherical roller bearings
BS2-2210-2RS/VT143 650,000Round901-lip RS1
22211 E 755,000Round100
22213 E/C3 765,000Round120

Clean Grain/Residue – Deep groove ball bearing
6012-2RS1 460,000Round951-lip RS1
6218-2RS1 490,000Round1601-lip RS1
6020-2RS1 4100,000Round1501-lip RS1

DesignationTypeBore/shaft diameterHousing materialNumber of holesHousing shape
Clean Grain/Residue – Mounted units
FYTBK 20 WD120,000Composite2Oval
FYTBK 25 WD125,000Composite2Oval
FYTBK 30 WD130,000Composite2Oval
FY 2.7/16 TF361,913Grey cast iron4Square

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