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Electrically Insulated Bearings for Vfd Motors

This kind of bearing with Aluminium Oxide Coating. the coating can Electrical Resistance Voltages up to 3000 V DC.
Electrically Insulated Bearing
Electrically Insulated Deep Groove Ball Bearing
Electrically Cylindrical Roller Bearing
Bearing suffix:
J20B, J20A, J20AA, J20C
VL0241,VL0246, VL2071, VL2076
Complete Series normal size of Electrically Insulated Bearings
  • VL0241, VL2071, VA3091


Electrically Insulated Bearing is have many kinds of insulated ball and roller bearings design. it has the same dimension and the same design with normal chrome steel bearings. but the most different is this kind of bearing with Aluminium Oxide Coating. the coating can Electrical Resistance Voltages up to 3000 V DC.

Coated outer ring of insulated bearing

        deep groove ball bearing with outer ring coating

Coated outer ring

Bearings with an electrically insulating coating on the external surfaces of the outer ring are the most common INSOCOAT types. They are:

• Recommended for medium-sized motors using bearing sizes with a bore diameter < 120 mm

• Suitable for all housing types

• Can be applied to bearings with an outside diameter > 80 mm

• Identified by the sufixes VL0241 and VL0246

coated inner ring of insulated cylindrical roller bearing

                                 cylindrical roller bearing with inner ring coating

Coated inner ring

Bearings with an electrically insulating coating on the external surfaces of the inner ring provide enhanced protection against electric current damage, as the smaller coated surface area offers higher impedance. They are:

• Recommended for larger-sized motors using bearing sizes with a bore diameter > 120 mm

• Can be applied to bearings with a bore diameter > 70 mm

• Identified by the sufix VL2071 and VL2076

Bearings with an electrically insulating coating on the external surfaces of the outer ring are the most common types. They are:


Electrically Insulated Bearing can protect the machine to be exposed to electrical current. In a worst-case scenario, this can damage raceways and rolling elements, which in turn, causes the motor or generator to fail prematurely and without warning. On top of the extra expenses incurred for repairs, this also means additional costs caused by machine downtime and the resulting production losses.


Coating of electrically insulated bearing

Electrically Insulated Bearing are not only Electrically Insulated deep groove ball Bearing, 

but also Electrically Insulated Cylindrical Roller Bearing, 

Electrically Insulated Tapered Roller Bearing, 

Electrically Insulated Angular contact ball bearing

Electrically Insulated Thrust Roller Bearing 

Electrically Insulated four point contact ball bearing,

Electrically Insulated Tapered roller bearing, 

Electrically Insulated spherical roller bearings, 

Hydrid bearings,

and the other type Normal or Non-Standard Electrically Insulated Rolling Bearings. they are the same dimension, same cage, same elements and the other data with normal chrome steel rolling bearing, just the different coating on the surface of the inner ring or outer ring of the Rolling Bearing.


A much more economical solution is to provide for the use of Electrically Insulated Bearing during the planning stage. This reduces maintenance and repair costs, and increases machine availability – all of which means greater value for the customer.


Application of Current Insulated Bearings

Current insulated bearing for Traction motor

In most cases, it is sufficient to interrupt the electric circuit between the housing and shaft, in order to mount Electrically Insulated Bearing at one or both bearing locations, depending on the application.


Principle bearing types for traction motor applications

• Electrically insulated cylindrical roller bearings

• Electrically insulated deep groove ball bearings

• Hybrid cylindrical roller bearings with ceramic rollers

• Hybrid deep groove ball bearings with ceramic balls

• Traction motor bearing units based on cylindrical roller bearings and

deep groove ball bearings

• Sensorised traction motor bearing unit

• Regreasable traction motor bearing unit

DesignationPrincipal dimensionsBasic load ratingsFatique load limitSpeed ratings
EASIER Bearing
Reference speedLimiting speed

6314 M/C3VL02417015035111682.7595009000
6315 M/C3VL0241751603711976.5390008000
6316 M/C3VL0241801703913086.53.2585007500
6317 M/C3VL0241851804114096.53.5580007500
6318 M/C3VL024190190431511083.875007000
6219 M/C3VL0241951703211481.5380007500
6319 M/C3VL024195200451591184.1570006300
6320 M/C3VL0241100215471821404.7567006000
6222 M/C3VL024111020038151118467006300
6322 M/C3VL0241110240502161805.760005300
6324 M/C3VL2071120260552161865.756005000
6326 M/C3VL2071130280582422166.350004500
6328 M/C3VL2071140300622652457.148004300
6332 M/C3VL2071160340682912857.6540003800
6334 M/C3VL2071170360723323408.838003400
6336 M/C3VL20711803807537140510.436003200
DesignationPrincipal dimensionsBasic load ratingsFatique load limitSpeed ratings
EASIER Bearing
Reference speedLimiting speed

NU 1010 ECP/C3VL024150801646.8566.795009500
NU 210 ECM/C3VL024150902073.569.58.885009000
NU 310 ECM/C3VL024150110271271121567008000
NU 1011 ECP/C3VL024155901857.269.58.385008500
NU 1011 ECML/C3VL024155901857.269.58.3850013000
NU 211 ECM/C3VL0241551002196.59512.275008000
NU 311 ECM/C3VL0241551202915614318.660007000
NU 1012 ML/C3VL024160951837.4445.3800013000
NU 1012 ECP/C3VL024160951858.373.58.880008000
NU 212 ECM/C3VL0241601102210810213.467007500
NU 312 ECM/C3VL0241601303117316021.256006700
NU 1013 ECP/C3VL0241651001862.781.59.875007500
NU 213 ECM/C3VL0241651202312211815.663006700
NU 313 ECM/C3VL0241651403321219625.553006000
NU 1014 ECM/C3VL0241701102076.5931270007000
NU 1014 ECP/C3VL0241701102076.5931270007000
NU 214 ECM/C3VL024170125241371371860006300
NU 314 ECM/C3VL024170150352362282948005600
NU 1015 M/C3VL0241751152058.3718.567006700
NU 215 ECM/C3VL0241751302515015620.456006000
NU 315 ECM/C3VL0241751603728026533.545005300
NU 315 ECP/VL0241751603728026533.545005300
NU 1016 ECM/C3VL024180125229912716.360006000
NU 216 ECM/C3VL0241801402616016621.253005600
NU 316 ECM/C3VL024180170393002903643005000
NU 1017 M/C3VL0241851302268.286.510.860006000
NU 217 ECM/C3VL024185150281902002548005300
NU 317 ECM/C3VL0241851804134033541.540004800
NU 1018 M/C3VL0241901402480.910412.756005600
NU 218 ECM/C3VL024190160302082202745005000
DesignationPrincipal dimensionsBasic load ratingsFatique load limitSpeed ratings
EASIER Bearing
Reference speedLimiting speed

NU 318 ECM/C3VL024190190433653604338004500
NU 1019 ML/C3VL0241951452484.211013.253005300
NU 219 ECM/C3VL0241951703225526532.543004800
NU 319 ECM/C3VL0241952004539039046.536004300
NU 1020 M/C3VL02411001502485.811413.750005000
NU 220 ECM/C3VL02411001803428530536.540004500
NU 320 ECM/C3VL0241100215474504405132003800
NU 1022 M/C3VL02411101702812816619.345004500
NU 222 ECM/C3VL02411102003833536542.536004000
NU 322 ECM/C3VL0241110240505305406130003400
NU 1024 M/C3VL20711201802813418320.840004000
NU 224 ECM/C3VL0241120215403904304934003600
NU 324 ECM/C3VL02411202605561062069.528003200
NU 1026 M/C3VL2071130200331652242538003800
NU 226 ECM/C3VL2071130230404154555132003400
NU 326 ECM/C3VL20711302805872075081.524003000
NU 1028 M/C3VL2071140210331722452736003600
NU 228 ECM/C3VL2071140250424505105728003200
NU 328 ECM/C3VL2071140300627808308824002800
NU 1030 M/C3VL2071150225351942753032003200
NU 230 ECM/C3VL2071150270455106006426002800
NU 330 ECM/C3VL20711503206590096510022002600

NU 1010 M/C3VA301NU 210 ECM/C3HVA30916210 M/HC5C4S06310 M/C4VL0241
NU 310 ECM/C3VA301NU 310 ECM/C4VA30916012 M/HC5C46311 M/C3VL0241
NJ 312 ECM/C4VA301BC1-7005 B6212 M/HC5C4S06012 M/C4VL0241
NU 213 ECM/C4VA301NU 2211 ECML/C4VA30916013 M/HC5C4HS06212 M/C4VL0241
NJ 314 ECM/C4VA301NU 1012 MR/C4VA30916313 M/HC5C4HS06312 M/C4VL0241
NU 314 ECM/C4VA301NU 212 ECM/C4VA30916214 M/HC5C4S06313 M/C5S0VL0241
NU 215 ECM/C4 VA301NU 1013 M/C3VA30916315 M/HC5C3S06214 M/C4VL0241
NJ 315 ECM/C4VA301NU 213 ECM/C4VA30916016 M/HC5P65HS06314 M/C4VL0241
NJ 316 ECM/C4VA301NU 1014 ECM/C4VA30916216 M/HC5P65HS06215 M/C4VL0241
NU 216 ECM/P64VA301NU 214 ECM/C4VA30916217 M/HC5C5S06315 M/C4HVL0241
NJ 317 ECM/C4VA301NUP 214 ECM/C4VA30916218 M/HC5C4S06016 M/P65HS0VL0241
NU 217 ECM/C4VA301NU 314 ECM/C4VA30916220 M/HC5C4HS06216 M/P65HS0VL0241
NJ 218 ECM/C4VA301NU 1015 M/C4VA30916220 M/HC5C4S06316 M/C4VL0241
NJ 2218 ECM/C4VA301NU 215 ECM/C4HVA30916236 M/C5HS0VG2211BB1-7361 A
NJ 318 ECM/C4VA301NU 1016 MR/C4VA30916226 M/HC5C5S0BB1-7362
NU 1018 M/C4VA301NU 216 ECM/C4VA30916318 M/C3VL02416317 M/C3VL0241
NU 318 ECM/C4VA301NU 316 ECM/C4VA30916318 M/P64VL02416318 M/P65HS0VL0241
NJ 219 ECM/C3VA301NU 1017 M/C3VA30916318 M/C3VL20716319 M/C4VL0241
NU 319 ECM/C4VA301NU 1018 M/C4VA30916319 M/C3VL02416320 M/C3VL0241
NJ 220 ECM/C4VA301NU 218 ECM/C3VA30916319 M/C4VL02416221 M/C4HVL0241
NU 220 ECM/C4VA301NJ 2218 ECM/C4VA30916319/C3VL20716321 M/C3VL0241
NJ 320 ECM/C4VA301NU 219 ECM/C4VA30916320/C3VL02416222 M/C4VL0241
NU 320 ECM/C4VA301NU 224 ECM/C4VA3016320 M/C3VL02416322 M/C5HS0VL0241
NJ 322 ECM/C4VA301NU 2224 ECML/C4VA3016322/C3VL02416324 M/C3VL0241
NU 1022 M/C4VA301BC1-72576322 M/C3VL02416326 M/C3VL0241
NU 322 ECM/C4VA301NU 1020 M/C3VA30916322 M/C4VL0241BB1-7009
NJ 324 ECM/C4VA301NU 320 ECM/C4VA30916322/C3VL2071BB1-7009 BB
NU 324 ECM/C4VA301NJ 320 ECM/P64VA30916324/C3VL0241BB1-7009 BD
NJ 1026 M/C4VA301NU 1022 M/C3VA30916324/P63VL02416232 N1M/C5HS0VL2071
NJ 326 ECM/C4VA301NU 1022 M/C4VA3016324 M/C3VL02416236 M/C5HS0VL0241
NU 326 ECM/C4VA301NU 222 ECMR/P64VA30916324/C3VL20716048 M/C4S0VL0241
N 326 ECMR/C4VA301NU 2322 ECML/C5HVA30916326/C3VL02416052 M/C4S0VL0241
NU 1028 M/C4VA301NU 322 ECM/C3VL02416326 M/C3VL02416413 MC/C5HS2VL0241
NU 328 ECM/C4VA301NJ 322 ECM/C4VA3016326/C3VL20716312 M/C3VL0241
NU 330 ECM/C4VA301NU 322 ECM/C4VA3016328 M/C3VL02416313 M/C3VL0241
NU 330 ECMRD/C5VA301NU 324 ECM/C3VL02416330 M/C3VL02416314/C3VL0241
NU 332 ECM/C4VA301NJ 324 ECM/C4VA3016330 M/C3VL20716314 M/C3VL0241
NU 234 ECM/C4VA301NU 324 ECM/C4VA3016332 M/C3VL20716314 M/C4VL0241
NU 334 M/C4VA301NU 226 ECML/C4HVR60816214 M/C4VL02416315/C3VL0241
NU 1034 M/C4VA301NU 326 ECM/P54VA30916215 M/C4VL02416315 M/C3VL0241
NU 1036 M/C4VA301NU 330 ECMRD/C4VA30916218 M/C3VL02416316/C3VL0241
NU 2236 ECMRD/C4VA301BC1-7088 A6222 M/C3VL02416316 M/C3VL0241
NU 238 ECM/P64VA301NU 232 ECM/C4HVA30916226/C3VL02416316/C3VL2071
NU 338 ECMRD/C5HVA301NU 332 ECM/C4VA30916230/P53VL02416318/C3VL0241
NU 210 ECM/HC5C3HVA301NU 1044 M/P63RVA3056308 M/C4VL0241
NU 1011 ECMR/HC5C4NU 1064 MP/C3VL02416310 M/C3VL0241
NU 1012 MR/HC5C4H

NU 1014 ECMR/HC5C4NU 218 ECM/C3VL0241

NU 214 ECM/HC5C3HVA301NU 315 ECP/VL0241

NU 1015 M/HC5C4NU 317 ECM/C3VL0241

NU 215 ECM/HC5C3HVA301NU 319 ECM/C3VL0241

NU 1016 MR/HC5C4HNU 322 ECM/C3VL0241

NU 216 ECM/HC5C3HVA301NU 324 ECM/C3VL0241

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