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Seeding Machinery Bearing

Bearing for Agricultural Machinery
- Baling machinery bearing
- Combine harester bearing
- Mowing machinery bearing
- Seeding machinery bearing
- Tillage machinery bearing
- Tractor bearings

Seeder, A planting machine that uses crop seeds as the sowing object. Planters used for certain types or crops are often named by crop types, such as grain drills, corn drills, cotton seeders, pasture spreaders, etc.


With the improvement of agricultural technology, high-power tractors are more and more widely used in the market. High-power tractors further increase the working width and operating speed of planters, and improve the quality of seeding under high-speed operations. The versatility and adaptability to different seeds, sowing rates, plant spacing, and various soil and ground conditions are further expanding. At the same time, various combined operation machines and no-tillage planters are also continuing to develop. As a result, the quality and reliability requirements of the planter bearings are also increasing, and the bearings must be guaranteed to remain stable throughout the working period to improve the efficiency of the machine.



When the tillage process is complete, then the next work is for seeding, Seeding opens a narrow furrow in the field for the seed, plants the seeds and then covers them by closing the furrow. These simple steps do though require high precision, Loss of operational precision leads directly to a lower crop yield.


Seeding by spreading or dropping the seed on the soil surface without the use of furrow openers or seed covering devices under the use of volumetric seed metering devices. Also a pneumatically conveying of seeds to the ground openers of the seeding tool or to spreaders at the front of the tillage tool might be used.


The most important work for the farmer when seeding is to do it quickly but accurately and at the lowest possible cost per hectare, This confirms the importance of selecting the right equipment, which is robust enough to avoid disc wobbling due to high loads, and is properly sealed so as to resist ingress of dirt to achieve a long and reliable service life.


Agri Bearing Hubs for seeding are especially designed for seeding applications and opener discs These are fully integrated units comprising a wide range of flexible designs and are compatible with discs that require external as well as internal mounting The Agri Hubs for seeding feature a robust five lip seal which implies that the unit is relubrication-free Together with steel inserts, this provides good protection of the bearings against solid contaminants such as mud, dust, fibers and water Through this heavy duty sealing, the bearing’s service life can be increased and at the same time, the need for maintenance and repairs can significantly be reduced The integrated bearing is either a four point contact single or double-row deep groove ball bearing depending on the capacity need The flexibility of the design also allows to select a hub with a mounting flange made of metal-sheet for additional strength.

DesignationTypeBore / shaft diameterHousing materialBolt pitch diameterHolesSeal typePerformanceDisc diameter
Disc opener – Agri Hubs
AGHU1660X6E-2L-VF01116,000Steel60,02-lipS10up to 350
AGHU1675X6H-1LLC216,000Steel75,03-lip LSS20up to 350
AGHU1675X6H-LC1L216,000Steel75,03-lip LSS20up to 350
HUB-16MM-X316,000Steel60,06-lipS100up to 350
AGHU1675X6H-MB1L516,000Steel75,0MSS100up to 350
AGHU1675X6H-1LMB1516,000Steel75,0MSS100up to 350
BB204-PY3-R-ZDFC-A481116,053Steel60,01-lipS10up to 350
AGHU2075X6H-LC1L220,000Steel75,03-lip LSS20up to 350
AGHU2075X6F-1LLC220,000Steel75,03-lip LSS20up to 350
AGHU2075X6H-1LLC220,000Steel75,03-lip LSS20up to 350
BB204-KPP58-R-FC-A480320,000Steel79,43-lip LSS80up to 350
BB204-KPP58-R-FC-A481320,000Steel79,43-lip LSS80up to 350
HUB-20MM-X-ASSY-A605620,000Steel75,066-lipS100up to 350
AGHU2075X6F-1LMB520,000Steel75,0MSS100up to 350
AGHU2075X6H-MB1L520,000Steel75,0MSS100up to 350
BB204-KPMF59-R-FC-A481520,000Steel79,456-lipS100up to 350
HUB-20MM-X420,000Steel80,06-lipS100up to 350
HUB-20MM-X-ASSY-A543420,000Steel80,056-lipS100up to 350
HUB-20MM-X-ASSY-A580420,000Steel80,056-lipS100up to 350
HUB-20MM-X-ASSY-A613520,000Steel80,056-lipS100up to 350
KIT-HUB-20MM-X-ASSY-A157420,000Steel80,056-lipS100up to 350
HUB-20MM-X-ASSY-A546420,000Steel80,066-lipS100up to 350
HUB-20MM-X-ASSY-A553420,000Steel80,066-lipS100up to 350
AGHU2080X6F-1LMB520,000Steel80,0MSS100up to 350
HUB-20MM-ASSY-A671620,000Steel127,066-lipS100up to 350
DesignationTypeBore / shaft diameterBore typeSeal type

Disc Opener – Double row angular contact ball bearing
3204 CETN9120Round1-lip RS1
3204 CE-2RSH1TN9120Round1-lip RS1
3204 CE-2RS1TN9120Round1-lip RS1
3304 CETN9120Round1-lip RS1
3304 CE-2RSH1TN9120Round1-lip RS1
3304 CE-2RS1TN9120Round1-lip RS1
Disc opener – Special bearings

5204KRP51216,129Round3-lip LS
5204-KPP55-R-A248216,250Round3-lip LS
5203-KPP2-R-A574216,256Round3-lip LS
W5204-2RSTFP-C3-TN220,000Round1-lip F
5204-2RS 1)220,000Round3-lip LS
5204-KP52-R-A116220,000Round3-lip LS
5204KP52-SP6220,000Round3-lip LS
5206KPP3230,150Round3-lip LS
203NPP9315,900Round1-lip R
BB204-PF3-R-A453316,053Round3-lip LS
BB304PP50316,129Round3-lip LS
205KRP2319,202Round3-lip LS
BB205KRP2319,202Round3-lip LS
205-KRP5-R-A17320,000Round3-lip LS
206KRP4 1)325,146Round3-lip LS
206-KRP50-R-A422330,000Round3-lip LS
DesignationTypeBore / shaft diameterBore typeSeal type

Gauge wheel -Special bearings 

5203-KRR2-R-A230416,256Round1-lip G
5203KPP2416,256Round3-lip LS
5203-ZZ417,000RoundZ Shield
WP5203-KRP2-N-A217515,6603-lip LS
Press wheel / Closing wheel-

203NPP9 315,900Round1-lip R
BB203KYY2 316,256Round1-lip
DesignationTypeBore / shaft diameterBore typeSeal type
Special bearings and units
Seedmeter drive shaft – Special bearings and units
205KRRB2322,250Hexagonal1-lip G
205KPP21)322,250Hexagonal3-lip LS
205KPPB54322,250Hexagonal3-lip LS
2BF205-7 / 8HX622,250Hexagonal3-lip LS
Z206-KRR52-H-A4151)922,700Hexagonal1-lip G
FHPFL208-40MM-AP840,000Round1-lip F

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