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Vibrating Screen Bearings

Vibrating screen bearings are mostly used in mine vibration machinery equipment, vibrating screen machinery, and vibrating motors, and are one of the most critical components of this type of equipment.

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Shaker Screen Bearings

Vibrating screen bearings are mostly used in mine vibration machinery equipment, vibrating screen machinery, and vibrating motors, and are one of the most critical components of this type of equipment. The working conditions of the bearing are very harsh, not only the environmental humidity is high, the dust particles are large, the speed is high, the temperature is high, but also there is strong vibration and shock, which causes the work load to be very large. The bearing has strong bearing capacity, good impact resistance, high reliability, good lubrication performance, and can overcome the deflection and deformation of the shaft.


1. Vibrating screen bearings are generally symmetrical spherical rollers and cylindrical rollers;

2. Generally speaking, the dimensional tolerance is P6 and the running tolerance is P5. The tolerances are indeed fixed, but there are English and metric systems;

3. Due to the large heat generation, a large clearance is selected. But this clearance can be calculated, mainly considering the original clearance, tolerance fit and temperature rise can be calculated;

4. The application requirements of vibrating screen bearings are very high, and ordinary bearing steel materials are not acceptable. The cage is machined brass and is guided by the outer ring to be suitable for eccentric loads.


Vibrating Screen Bearings

Application of Vibrating screen bearings

1. Mainly used for mine vibration machinery equipment, vibrating screen machinery, vibrating motor;

2. Pneumatic tools such as rivet machines, rock drills, wind shovel, etc.;

3. Electric tools such as electric drills, electric saws, chain saws for forestry, grinders, polishing machines, grinders, road maintenance tamping machines, etc.;

4. Diesel locomotives, ships, motorcycles and other transportation vehicles;

5. Agricultural machinery such as tractors, harvesters, and threshers;


Vibratory Machinery Bearing


Cylindrical Roller Bearings

KZ23 type cylindrical roller anti-vibration and high-temperature bearings can be used for vibrating machines such as vibrating screens, vibrating mills, and vibrating rollers. This bearing not only has the advantages of large carrying capacity of double-row spherical roller bearings, but also high limit speed of cylindrical roller bearings.


①The carrying capacity of dynamic and static load is 21% higher than that of ordinary bearings, and the service life is increased by 90%;

②The limit speed is 88% higher than that of ordinary bearings;

③The friction torque in the entire speed range is very small, 25% smaller than that of ordinary bearings;

④The running noise is low, because the rolling elements are statically optimized;

⑤Using integral cage, high reliability;

⑥ Allowable axial load carrying capacity is high;

⑦Good thermal stability, because the heat dissipation is optimized. (Within 800 degrees)

⑧ Introduce foreign advanced technology and drawings, and adopt imported steel.


Spherical roller bearing

Spherical roller bearings are bearings with drum-shaped rollers assembled between the inner ring with two raceways and the outer ring with spherical raceways. Divided into: cylindrical inner hole, conical inner hole.

Spherical roller bearings have two rows of rollers, which mainly bear the load of one diameter, and can also bear the axial load in any direction. With high radial load capacity, it is especially suitable for working under heavy load or vibration load, but it cannot bear pure axial load. The outer ring raceway of this type of bearing is spherical, so its alignment performance is good, and it can compensate the concentricity error.

22308 EAS.MA.T41A 452308 CACM2/W502 22308 CVS2 22308W22BRC4
22309 EAS.MA.T41A 452309 CACM2/W502 22309 CVS2 22309YMW33W800C4
22310 EAS.MA.T41A 452310 CACM2/W502 22310 CVS2 22310YMW33W800C4
22311 EAS.MA.T41A 452311 CACM2/W502 22311 BVS2 22311YMW33W800C4
22312 EAS.MA.T41A 452312 CACM2/W502 22312 BVS2 22312YMW33W800C4
22313 EAS.MA.T41A 452313 CACM2/W502 22313 BVS2 22313YMW33W800C4
22314 EAS.MA.T41A 452314 CACM2/W502 22314 UAVS2 22314YMW33W800C4
22315 EAS.MA.T41A 452315 CACM2/W502 22315 UAVS2 22315YMW33W800C4
22316 EAS.MA.T41A 452316 CACM2/W502 22316 UAVS2 22316YMW33W800C4
22317 EAS.MA.T41A 452317 CACM2/W502 22317 UAVS2 22317YMW33W800C4
22318 EAS.MA.T41A 452318 CACM2/W502 22318 UAVS2 22318YMW33W800C4
22319 EAS.MA.T41A 452319 CACM2/W502 22319 UAVS2 22319YMW33W800C4
22320 EAS.MA.T41A 452320 CACM2/W502 22320 UAVS2 22320YMW33W800C4
22322 EAS.MA.T41A 452322 CACM2/W502 22322 UAVS2 22322YMW33W800C4
22324EAS.MA.T41A 452324CACM2/W502 22324UASV2 22324YMW33W800C4
22326EAS.MA.T41A 452326CACM2/W502 22326UAVS2 22326YMW33W800C4
22328EAS.MA.T41A 452328CACM2/W502 22328UAVS2 22328YMW33W800C4
22330EAS.MA.T41A 452330CACM2/W502 22330UAVS2 22330YMW33W800C4
22332A.MA.T41A 452332CACM2/W502 22332UAVS2 22332YMW33W800C4
22334A.MA.T41A 452334CACM2/W502 22334UAVS2 22334YMW33W800C4
22336A.MA.T41A 452336CACM2/W502 22336UAVS2 22336YMW33W800C4
22338A.MA.T41A 452338CACM2/W502 22338UAVS2 22338YMW33W800C4
22340A.MA.T41A 452340CACM2/W502 22340UAVS2 22340YMW33W800C4
22318EAS.MA.T41A 453318CACM2/W502 23318BVS2 23318YMW33W800C4
22322EAS.MA.T41A 453322CACM2/W502 23322BVS2 23322YMW33W800C4
22324EAS.MA.T41A 453324CACM2/W502 23324BVS2 23324YMW33W800C4
22326EAS.MA.T41A 453326CACM2/W502 23326BVS2 23326YMW33W800C4
22328EAS.MA.T41A 453328CACM2/W502 23328BVS2 23328YMW33W800C4
22330EAS.MA.T41A 453330CACM2/W502 23330BVS2 23330YMW33W800C4
22332EAS.MA.T41A 453332CACM2/W502 23332BVS2 23332YMW33W800C4

E-mail: sales@xrbearing.com, brandbearings@gmail.com


Whatsapp: 0086-13280450757


Designation  (Bore diameter 20mm-45mm)Principal dimensionsBasic load ratings
Spherical roller Bearing For Vibrating Screen equipmentd[mm]D[mm]B [mm]C[kN]C0[kN]
22309 E/VA40522309-E1-XL-T41A22309 CAME4-VS34510036190183
22310 E/VA40522310-E1-XL-T41A22310 CAME4-VS35011040228224
22311 E/VA40522311-E1-XL-T41A22311 CAME4-VS35512043280280
22311 EK/VA40522311-E1-XL-K-T41A22309 CAMKE4-VS35512043280280
22312 E/VA40522312-E1-XL-T41A22312 CAME4-VS36013046325335
22312 EK/VA40522312-E1-XL-K-T41A22312 CAMKE4-VS36013046325335
22313 E/VA40522313-E1-XL-T41A22313 CAME4-VS36514048357360
22313 EK/VA40522313-E1-XL-K-T41A22313 CAMKE4-VS36514048357360
22314 E/VA40522314-E1-XL-T41A22314 CAME4-VS37015051413430
22314 EK/VA40522314-E1-XL-K-T41A22314 CAMKE4-VS37015051413430
22315 EJA/VA40522315-E1-XL-T41A22315 CAME4-VS37516055462475
22315 EKJA/VA40522315-E1-XL-K-T41A22315 CAMKE4-VS37516055462475
22316 EJA/VA40522316-E1-XL-T41A22316 CAME4-VS38017058516530
22316 EKJA/VA40522316-E1-XL-K-T41A22316 CAMKE4-VS38017058516530
22317 EJA/VA40522317-E1-XL-T41D22317 CAME4-VS38518060577620
22317 EJA/VA406

22317 EKJA/VA40522317-E1-XL-T41D22317 CAMKE4-VS38518060577620
22318 EJA/VA40522318-E1-XL-T41D22318 CAME4-VS39019064637695
22318 EKJA/VA40522318-E1-XL-K-T41D22318 CAMKE4-VS39019064637695
22319 EJA/VA40522319-E1-XL-T41D22319 CAME4-VS39520067699765
22319 EKJA/VA40522319-E1-XL-K-T41D22319 CAMKE4-VS39520067699765
22320 EJA/VA40522320-E1-XL-T41D22320 CAME4-VS310021573847950
22320 EJA/VA406

22320 EKJA/VA40522320-E1-XL-K-T41D22320 CAMKE4-VS310021573847950
22322 EJA/VA40522322-E1-XL-T41D22322 CAME4-VS3110240809891 120
22322 EJA/VA406

110240809891 120
22322 EKJA/VA40522322-E1-XL-K-T41D22322 CAMKE4-VS3110240809891 120
22324 CCJA/W33VA40522324-E1-XL-T41D22324 CAME4-VS3120260861 0191 120
22324 CCJA/W33VA406

120260861 0191 120
22324 CCKJA/W33VA40522324-E1-XL-K-T41D22324 CAMKE4-VS3120260861 0191 120
22326 CCJA/W33VA40522326-E1-XL-T41D22326 CAME4-VS3130280931 1761 320
22326 CCJA/W33VA406

130280931 1761 320
22326 CCKJA/W33VA40522326-E1-XL-T41D22326 CAMKE4-VS3130280931 1761 320
22328 CCJA/W33VA40522328-E1-XL-T41D22328 CAME4-VS31403001021 3571 560
22328 CCJA/W33VA406

1403001021 3571 560
22328 CCKJA/W33VA40522328-E1-XL-K-T41D22328 CAMKE4-VS31403001021 3571 560
22330 CCJA/W33VA40522330-E1-XL-T41D22330 CAME4-VS31503201081 5391 760
22330 CCJA/W33VA406

1503201081 5391 760
22330 CCKJA/W33VA40522330-E1-XL-K-T41D22330 CAMKE4-VS31503201081 5391 760
22332 CCJA/W33VA40522332-BE-XL-JPA-T41A22332 CAME4-VS31603401141 6801 960
22332 CCJA/W33VA406

1603401141 6801 960
22332 CCKJA/W33VA40522332-BE-XL-JPA-K-T41A22332 CAMKE4-VS31603401141 6801 960
22334 CCJA/W33VA40522334-BE-XL-JPA-T41A22334 CAME4-VS31703601201 8632 160
22334 CCJA/W33VA406

1703601201 8632 160
22334 CCKJA/W33VA40522334-BE-XL-JPA-K-T41A22334 CAMKE4-VS31703601201 8632 160
22336 CCJA/W33VA40522336-BE-XL-JPA-T41A22336 CAME4-VS31803801262 0772 450
22336 CCJA/W33VA406

1803801262 0772 450
22336 CCKJA/W33VA40522336-BE-XL-JPA-K-T41A22336 CAMKE4-VS31803801262 0772 450
22338 CCJA/W33VA40522338-BE-XL-JPA-T41A22338 CAME4-VS31904001322 2322 650
22338 CCJA/W33VA406

1904001322 2322 650
22338 CCKJA/W33VA40522338-BE-XL-JPA-K-T41A22338 CAMKE4-VS31904001322 2322 650
22340 CCJA/W33VA40522340-BE-XL-JPA-T41A22340 CAME4-VS32004201382 4392 900
22340 CCJA/W33VA406

2004201382 4392 900
22340 CCKJA/W33VA40522340-BE-XL-JPA-K-T41A22340 CAMKE4-VS32004201382 4392 900
22344 CCJA/W33VA40522344-BE-XL-JPA-T41A22344 CAME4-VS32204601452 8393 450
22344 CCKJA/W33VA40522344-BE-XL-JPA-K-T41A22344 CAMKE4-VS32204601452 8393 450
22348 CCJA/W33VA405

2405001553 2294 000
22348 CCKJA/W33VA405

2405001553 2294 000

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