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FAG Pillow block housings series SAF

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FAG Pillow block housing series SAF is one kind of FAG pillow block housing,they have many design of material. gray cast iron material,ductile cast iron material,it usually working with spherical roller bearing,split spherical roller bearings,adapter sleeve, triple seal ring,end cover,FAG Series SAF are a standard imperial dimension range of split pillow block housings, when combined with the FAG spherical roller bearings series 222..K, they provide the user with a robust and convenient solution for rotating shafts used in general duty machinery. additionally, they can be combined with the FAG Split spherical roller bearings series 222S..,which provide the benefit of significant reduction in machine downtime due to the reduced installtion effort.
FAG Pillow block housings series SAF are designed to accepta full range of shaft diameters from 1-7/16" to 7-15/16", housing size within this standard production program are machined to accommodate inch or metric shaft dimensions, housing are supplied with a central grease inlet and fitting for relubrication of the bearing, and an outlet hole on each side of the block for drainage. housings are equipped with a 2-bolt base for shaft sizes up to and including 3-7/16"(SAF520), And with a 4-bolt base thereafter,4-bolt bases are also available by specifying FSAF for shaft ranging from 2-3/16" to 3-7/16"(FSAF513 to FSAF520), Series SAF...housings are supplied with triple seal rings for normal service conditions,superTac II taconite seals are available for severe service conditions. bearing can be installed as floating bearings, or located with stabilizing rings,
FAG pillow block housing series SAF shown in this publication are available according to the following designations/materials:
--SAF..C.U  gray cast iron material
--SAF..D.U  ductile cast iron material
--FSAF..    Four bolt base
Both material types are supplied standard as a universal design,suffix U. the following items are included as part of the delivery
of the universal design:
1.Split housing
2.Triple seal rings
3.End cover
4.Stabilizing ring
5.Grease fitting
when customers order the FAG Pillow block housing series SAF, the bearings,adapter sleeve,triple seal rings for metric shaft sizes and taconite seals must be ordered separately.
Designation of FAG pillow block housing series SAF
SAF509C.U Housing + 22209-E1-K Bearing
SAF509D.U Housing + 22209-E1-K Bearing
SAF510C.U Housing + 22210-E1-K Bearing
SAF510D.U Housing + 22210-E1-K Bearing
SAF511C.U Housing + 22211-E1-K Bearing
SAF511D.U Housing + 22211-E1-K Bearing
SAF513C.U Housing + 22213-E1-K Bearing
SAF513D.U Housing + 22213-E1-K Bearing
SAF515C.U Housing + 22215-E1-K Bearing
SAF515D.U Housing + 22215-E1-K Bearing
SAF515C.U Housing + 222S.207 Bearing
SAF515D.U Housing + 222S.207 Bearing
SAF516C.U Housing + 22216-E1-K Bearing
SAF516D.U Housing + 22216-E1-K Bearing
SAF516C.U Housing + 222S.211 Bearing
SAF516D.U Housing + 222S.211 Bearing
SAF517C.U Housing + 22217-E1-K Bearing
SAF517D.U Housing + 22217-E1-K Bearing
SAF517C.U Housing + 222S.215 Bearing
SAF517D.U Housing + 222S.215 Bearing
SAF518C.U Housing + 22218-E1-K Bearing
SAF518D.U Housing + 22218-E1-K Bearing
SAF518C.U Housing + 222S.303 Bearing
SAF518D.U Housing + 222S.303 Bearing
SAF520C.U Housing + 22220-E1-K Bearing
SAF520D.U Housing + 22220-E1-K Bearing
SAF520C.U Housing + 222S.307 Bearing
SAF520D.U Housing + 222S.307 Bearing
SAF522C.U Housing + 22222-E1-K Bearing
SAF522D.U Housing + 22222-E1-K Bearing
SAF522C.U Housing + 222S.315 Bearing
SAF522D.U Housing + 222S.315 Bearing
SAF524C.U Housing + 22224-E1-K Bearing
SAF524D.U Housing + 22224-E1-K Bearing
SAF524C.U Housing + 222S.403 Bearing
SAF524D.U Housing + 222S.403 Bearing
SAF526C.U Housing + 22226-E1-K Bearing
SAF526D.U Housing + 22226-E1-K Bearing
SAF526C.U Housing + 222S.407 Bearing
SAF526D.U Housing + 222S.407 Bearing
SAF528C.U Housing + 22228-E1-K Bearing
SAF528D.U Housing + 22228-E1-K Bearing
SAF528C.U Housing + 222S.415 Bearing
SAF528D.U Housing + 222S.415 Bearing
SAF530C.U Housing + 22230-E1-K Bearing
SAF530D.U Housing + 22230-E1-K Bearing
SAF530C.U Housing + 222S.503 Bearing
SAF530D.U Housing + 222S.503 Bearing
SAF532C.U Housing + 22232-E1-K Bearing
SAF532D.U Housing + 22232-E1-K Bearing
SAF532C.U Housing + 222S.507 Bearing
SAF532D.U Housing + 222S.507 Bearing
SAF534C.U Housing + 22234-E1-K Bearing
SAF534D.U Housing + 22234-E1-K Bearing
SAF534C.U Housing + 222S.515 Bearing
SAF534D.U Housing + 222S.515 Bearing
SAF536C.U Housing + 22236-E1-K Bearing
SAF536D.U Housing + 22236-E1-K Bearing
SAF536C.U Housing + 222S.607 Bearing
SAF536D.U Housing + 222S.607 Bearing
SAF538C.U Housing + 22238-E1-K Bearing
SAF538D.U Housing + 22238-E1-K Bearing
SAF538C.U Housing + 222S.615 Bearing
SAF538D.U Housing + 222S.615 Bearing
SAF540C.U Housing + 22240-E1-K Bearing
SAF540D.U Housing + 22240-E1-K Bearing
SAF540C.U Housing + 222S.615 Bearing
SAF540D.U Housing + 222S.615 Bearing
SAF544C.U Housing + 22244-B-K-MB Bearing
SAF544D.U Housing + 22244-B-K-MB Bearing
SAF544C.U Housing + 222S.715 Bearing
SAF544D.U Housing + 222S.715 Bearing
XRB is the China bearing manufacturer & factory & exporter & supplier ,it can supply FAG Pillow block housing series SAF with an adapter, Our large quantity FAG Pillow block housing series SAF Stock can meet your need with lowest price and fast delivery
We accepted DHL,FEDEX,TNT express for small order and samples order,also the transportation By AIR or By Sea,by Train are all available.we are sure we can ship FAG Pillow block housing series SAF to your office at the first time.
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