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what are bearings in construction machinery?

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To understand which bearings are used in construction machinery, we must first to know what are there in construction machinery?

18 categories of products in the construction machinery industry, including excavating machinery, soil shoveling and transporting machinery, construction hoisting machinery, industrial vehicles, compaction machinery, piling machinery, concrete machinery, steel and prestressing machinery, decoration machinery, rock drilling machinery, pneumatics Tools, railway line machinery, military engineering machinery, elevators and escalators, special parts for engineering machinery, etc.

Construction Bearing manufacturerplanetary gear bearing

There are many types of construction machinery bearings

-- Cement mixer bearing

-- Excavator Bearing

-- Forklift Bearing

-- Full complement cylindrical roller bearings (without outer ring)

-- Planetary gear bearing

-- Cylindrical roller bearings: gearbox, roller eccentric shaft, travel reduction system, reducer

-- Spherical roller bearings: roller eccentric shaft, reducer, cement mixer

-- Tapered roller bearings: reducer, roller eccentric shaft, travel reduction system, rotating motor, sprocket transmission system, wheel end application,

-- Deep groove ball bearings: rotating motors, reducers

-- Angular contact ball bearings: reducer

-- Needle bearing: gearbox, rotating motor, travel deceleration system

-- Self-lubricating bearings: on various components such as the chassis traveling mechanism, body parts, and hydraulic components. Including bimetal boundary lubrication rolled bearings, metal-based self-lubricating bearings and metal plastic self-lubricating rolled bearings, etc.

Crescent Swing Bearing for Hydraulic PumpChina mixer bearing supplier

Matching bearing models of box bearings (6010, 6012, 6016, 6017, 6022, 6204, 6210, 6211, 6311, 6312, 51111) Matching bearing models of bridge bearings 7521E, 7515E, 32022/YB2, 31311/YA, 27312E , AK32219, 33113, 7516E, 27310E. (32221, 32215, 32022/YB2, 31311/YA, 31312, AK32219, 33113, 32216, 31310)

All kinds of rolling bearings and sliding bearings are widely used in the chassis systems, body systems, and hydraulic systems of construction machinery and construction machinery. JF-MP friction welded bushings are used in supporting rollers, sprocket wheels, and guide wheels; bimetal and SF series bushings are used in pump truck booms, connecting rods, outriggers and other parts; JDB series solid inlaid lubrication series shafts The set is applied to the boom, stick, amplitude modulation mechanism, oil cylinder and other parts.

Our company has more than 20 years of professional experience in the field of construction machinery. The engineering machinery bearing kit provided by EASIER, has many years of cooperative relations with well-known domestic construction machinery manufacturers. It has long-term cooperation with Liugong Machinery Co., Ltd., Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group Co., Ltd. First Group Co., Ltd., Xiamen Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., China YTO Group Co., Ltd., Fushun Excavator Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and large enterprises such as FAW, Second Automobile, Qingdao Zhongli, Chongqing Hongyan, and Shaanxi Heavy Truck.


Engineering machinery bearings have a wide range and harsh environment. In every construction site, engineering machinery bearings play a vital role. Dust, soil, sun and rain, and long-term high-strength loads are all important for engineering machinery bearings. Normal operation brings great challenges. Gearboxes, axles, hydraulic motors, pumps, sprockets, steering systems, differentials, torque converters, cutter heads, etc. are all key parts that affect the normal operation of the equipment. With high-quality products and strong technical strength, EASIER can Provide customized solutions for construction machinery to reduce the cost of downtime due to bearing failure.

Construction machinery equipment includes excavators, wheel loaders, backhoe loaders, skid steer loaders, bulldozers, road rollers, shield machines, rotary drilling rigs, graders, pavers, etc.

Engineering and equipment machinery is a platform with a wide range of applications for reversing support, such as tower cranes, excavators, truck cranes, other types of construction cranes, pile drivers, concrete pump trucks, etc. With the rapid development of the Chinese economy, the successive launch of key national engineering projects, the steady development of the world economy, engineering and equipment and machinery have received a large number of applications, and the market share of engineering machinery bearings will also increase.

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