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Best China Bearing Manufacturers List

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China's bearing industry has achieved remarkable results after more than 50 years of development, but there is still a gap compared with the world's well-known bearing brands. Its main manifestations are the low proportion of high-precision, high-tech and high-value-added products, and the need to improve product stability, reliability and service life. It is reflected in the market that our demand for high-quality bearings must be met by imports. China's bearing industry has now formed the layout of five bearing industry bases in Wafangdian, Luoyang, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Liaocheng of Shandong.

Wafangdian Bearing Industrial Base

Wafangdian Bearing Industry Base is China’s big size and heavy duty bearing industry base. The base relies on China’s largest bearing manufacturer-- ZWZ Group’s leading products are supporting bearings for major technical equipment, rail transit bearings, automotive vehicle bearings, wind power new energy bearings, Precision machine tools and precision ball screws, precision large forgings. The company has 8 major product manufacturing bases at home and abroad, a total of 23 manufacturing plants, a national-level enterprise technology center, a national bearing product testing and testing center, and the only "national large-scale bearing engineering technology research center" in China's bearing industry and other scientific research and development institutions.

double row spherical roller bearingsthrust spherical roller bearings

The representative enterprises in Wafangdian Bearing Base include:


-- Wafangdian Metallurgical Bearing Group Co., Ltd.- WZWN  

-- Dalian Metallurgical Bearing Group Co., Ltd--DYZV

-- Wafangdian Guangyang Bearing Group Co., Ltd   --- WGYS

-- Wafangdian Guangyang bearing-ZWA

-- Wafangdian Far East bearing--ZHJ 

Luoyang bearing industry base

The industrial base of China's large and medium-sized high-precision bearings, with product sizes ranging from inner diameter 10mm to outer diameter 13.5m. With core technologies such as bearings for rail transit vehicles and special bearings for major equipment, the products are widely used in wind power generation, rail transit, automobiles and motorcycles, mining and metallurgy, engineering machinery, machine tool motors, industrial gearboxes, medical equipment, port machinery and ships and other fields. LYC and ZYS have carried a number of national engineering projects, aerospace, wind power, etc.

      China Slewing bearing           Double row sealed angular contact ball bearings

-- Luoyang LYC Bearing Co., Ltd.


-- Luoyang Xinqianglian Slewing Bearing Co.,Ltd. manufacturers of large size slewing bearings

Jiangsu Bearing Industry Base

Jiangsu is one of the main provinces in my country for bearing production, and bearing production is mainly distributed in Suzhou, Changzhou, and Wuxi. Representative bearing companies include Changzhou Guangyang Bearings, Changshu Great Wall Bearings, and Jiangsu South Bearings. The products are mainly spherical roller bearings, needle roller bearings, and cylindrical roller bearings. The products are mainly used in the field of light industrial products.

Representative enterprises of Jiangsu Bearing Industry Base: 

-- Jiangsu South Bearing Co., Ltd., 

-- Changshu Great Wall Bearing, 

-- Wuxi Second Bearing Factory, 

-- Changzhou Guangyang Bearing, etc.

Zhejiang Bearing Industry Base

Zhejiang Bearing Industry Base is centered on Changshan County, Hangzhou and Ningbo, and the north is adjacent to Jiangsu Bearing Industry Base. Among them, Changshan County is the important town of bearings in Zhejiang. Changshan County has more than 40 years of history in bearing production. There are more than 100 bearing manufacturers, including 48 enterprises above designated size. The annual industrial output value is more than 1.4 billion yuan, which is close to the county's total industrial output value. A quarter. Xinchang City mainly produces bearing blanks and is a production base for automobile bearings. Cixi City mainly produces small and medium-sized deep groove ball bearings, with bearing output accounting for 60% of the province. Products are mainly used in office equipment, instrumentation, laser engraving, small watches, soft drives, gear dental drills, hard disk motors, currency counters, fax machines and other fields.

China deep groove ball bearingChina cylindrical roller bearings

The representative enterprises in Zhejiang Bearing Industry Base include 

-- Tianma Bearing Group, 

-- Wanxiang Qianchao Bearing, 


-- Cixing Group, 

-- Huanchi Group,

-- Fuda Group.

Liaocheng Bearing Industry Base

Liaocheng Bearing Industry Base is centered on Liaocheng, Shandong Province, and is the largest bearing cage production base and largest bearing trade base in China. Now it has formed a bearing sales, production, and assembly center centered on the Linqing City Tobacco Shop and Bearing Market; actively cultivated and supported BOT BEARING, YUJIE BEARING, CoatMaster Bearings and other large-scale and promising companies, in terms of capital operation and management capabilities, It has outstanding performance in market development ability, and has a high reputation and competitiveness in the city and even the whole province. On behalf of the bearing enterprises Liaocheng Jindi Bearing Co., Ltd., among which Dong'e Steel Ball Group is the largest steel ball manufacturer in China, with total assets of 483.38 million yuan and fixed assets of 20.22 million yuan.


Generally speaking, from the perspective of the layout of China bearing industry, the supply and demand of bearings are structurally unbalanced. Among them, there is overcapacity of low-end bearings and insufficient supply of high-end bearings. They mainly rely on imports, high-speed EMU bearings, high-speed high-precision metallurgical rolling mill supporting bearings, and high-speed bearings. High-precision CNC machine tool bearings and electric spindles are basically imported.


The main reason for the structural imbalance between the supply and demand of high- and low-end bearings is that most of the bearing companies in China are relatively backward in terms of R&D strength and production technology. China bearing five major industrial bases bear the responsibility of revitalizing China's industry and carry the dream of leading the international bearing industry. They should combine their own industrial cluster advantages to accelerate industrial transformation and complete the layout of the industry's high-end areas.

Export situation of various types of bearings in Jan.-June 2020

The composition of export bearing products is as follows:

Bearing type

Quantity of exported bearings (sets)

Earn foreign exchange through exports (USD)

Cumulative amount from January to June

Year-on-year growth

Cumulative amount from January to June

Year-on-year growth

Self-aligning ball bearing





Deep groove ball bearing





Angular contact ball bearings





Thrust ball bearing










Ball bearings in total





Tapered Roller Bearings





Spherical roller bearing





Needle bearing





Cylindrical Roller Bearings





Other typers of roller bearings





Bearing with housing





Bearings in total





Rolling elements

46,574,800 tons




Other parts of rolling bearings

86,991,400 tons




Bearings parts in total





In total





Major countries for China's bearing exports

As of June, China has exported bearings to 202 countries and regions in the world. The export value of the top 20 countries and regions was USD 1.746 billion, accounting for 79.58% of all export earnings. These 20 countries are the United States, Germany, India, Japan, Italy, Mexico, Brazil, Vietnam, France, Thailand, China Taiwan, Singapore, Iran, Indonesia, Malaysia, China Hong Kong, Turkey, Canada, and the United Arab Emirates.

The development of China's bearing industry to 2021 can already meet the needs of general industrial fields (textile machinery, woodworking machinery, metallurgy, coal mines, mining machinery, transmission equipment, household appliances, medical equipment, robots, etc.), automotive industry, agricultural machinery, construction machinery The high-quality needs of other industries, high-precision high-speed rail bearings, aerospace, military industry and other industries have also made great progress. Kinds of different needs. Attached is Best China bearing manufacturer List:

1.  C&U GROUP CO.,LTD. -- China C&U Bearings

Location: Wenzhou, Hangzhou, Wuxi, Shanghai, Sichuan, Wuhu, Huangshi


C&U can produce over 30,000 kinds of bearings varying from ID of 1mm to OD of 6,000 m, and has rich experience in providing reliable products and specialized bearing solutions to more than 40 industries. C&U bearings are widely applied in different fields such as automobile, household appliance, motor, motorcycle, engineering machinery, electric tool, agricultural and forestry machinery, textile machinery, industrial robots, wind power, medical equipment, etc. Mainly production:

-- Deep groove ball bearings

-- Cylindrical Roller bearings

-- Bearing Unit

-- Water pump bearings

-- TM series automotive gearbox bearings

-- SA series automobile generator bearings

-- Rocker arm bearing

-- Clutch release bearing


wanxiang bearings

Location: Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province

China automotive bearings

Wanxiang is committed to the manufacture and R&D of auto parts and is a representative enterprise of independent auto parts system suppliers in China.


In 1994, Wanxiang Qianchao (000559) was listed and traded on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange; universal joints, drive shafts, brakes, fuel tanks, exhaust systems and other products were recognized as Chinese famous brand products; in 2005, the "Qianchao" trademark was recognized as well-known Trademark; In 2007, universal joint products won the China World Famous Brand and China Industrial Awards Commendation Award;

Mainly products:

-- Single Row tapered roller bearings for automotive

-- Double row tapered roller bearings for automotive

-- Cylindrical roller bearings for automotive

-- Automotive Wheel Bearing Unit

-- Universal joint bearing

-- Automotive deep groove ball bearings


Location: Wafangdian, Dalian,Liaocheng Province.

China ZWZ Bearings

ZWZ was founded in 1938. The first set of industrial bearings in New China was born here. ZWZ Group is a limited liability company controlled by state-owned assets, with total assets of 7.2 billion yuan, net assets of 3.6 billion yuan, and existing employees. 11,000 employees, operating income of 7 billion yuan.

Main products:

-- Supporting bearings for major technical equipment,

-- Rail transit bearings,

-- Automotive vehicle bearings,

-- Wind power new energy bearings,

-- Precision machine tools and precision ball screws,

-- Precision large forgings,

-- Spherical roller bearings,

-- Tapered roller bearings,

-- Double row tapered roller bearings,

-- Cylindrical roller bearings

4. Luoyang LYC Bearing Co., Ltd.

Location: Luoyang of Henan Province

China LYC Bearings

Luoyang LYC Bearing Co., Ltd. is the backbone enterprise of the equipment manufacturing sector of Henan Energy and Chemical Group, and is the continuation and inheritance of Luoyang Bearing Factory, one of the 156 key projects during the national "First Five-Year Plan" period. The company has a registered capital of RMB 1.78 billion, currently has 11,000 employees, covers an area of 1,600 acres, and has an annual operating income of RMB 6 billion. It is one of the largest comprehensive bearing manufacturing enterprises in China's bearing industry.


LYC has a national-level technical center, which can design and manufacture nine types of bearings with various accuracy levels up to more than 10,000 varieties and bearing-related special equipment according to user needs. It has cores such as aviation engine bearings, rail transit vehicle bearings, and special bearings for major equipment. Technology and products are widely used in national defense and military industry, aerospace, wind power generation, rail transit, automobiles and motorcycles, mining and metallurgy, engineering machinery, machine tool motors and other fields. It is the birthplace of the bearings with the largest processing diameter and the highest precision in my country. The production base with the widest range of bearing products, the widest application coverage, and the most complete variety, has maintained a number of records in the Chinese bearing industry. In particular, LYC successfully provided supporting bearings for the "Shenzhou" series and the "Chang'e" spacecraft, demonstrating its strong technical research and development capabilities.

5.  Zhejiang Tianma Bearing Group Limited company --   TMB Bearing

Location: Hangzhou City, Zhejiang province

China TMB Bearing

-- Cylindrical roller bearings,    

-- Railway bearings, 

-- Wind turbine bearings, 

-- Rolling mill bearings, etc. 

TMB Bearing Have always enjoyed a high reputation in the bearing industry


Location: XinChang, Shaoxing, Zhejiang Province

China XCC Bearing

Mainly produce precision automotive bearings, 

-- Precision CNC machine tool bearings, 

-- High-speed precision textile machine bearings, 

-- Shaft bearings and motor bearings, etc.

7. Cixing Group -- CW Bearing

Location: NingBo City, ZheJiang Province.

CW Bearing of China

R&D and production of automotive steering gear bearings, Tensioner bearings, Chassis transmission system bearings, Cooling fan bearings, constant velocity universal joint components, ball nut components for brake systems and other automotive components, as well as industrial robot bearings, home appliances and power tools Bearing

-- Flexible Bearing for Robots

-- Angular Contact Ball Bearings

-- Hub Bearing Unit

-- Deep Groove Ball Bearings

-- Four Point Ball Bearings

8. Dalian Metallurgical Bearing Co.,Ltd. --- DYZV Bearings

Location: Dalian City, LiaoNing Province.

China DYZV Bearing

Professional manufacturer of supporting bearings for major equipment such as metallurgical steel, cement building materials, mining machinery, transmission machinery, engineering machinery, petroleum machinery, coal machinery, port machinery, paper machinery, military machinery, wind power equipment and other major equipment.

9. Hubei New Torch Science & Technology Co., Ltd.

Location: Xiangyang City, Hubei Province

Hubei new torch bearing of China,NTP Bearing

R & D and production of passenger wheel hub bearings and units

10. Harbin Bearing Group Corporation --- HRB bearing

Location: Harbin, China

China HRB Bearing

It mainly provides supporting services for industries and enterprises such as automobiles, agricultural machinery, locomotives, electrical appliances, construction machinery, mining machinery, petrochemicals, etc. The main production equipment is more than 4,600 sets, and the annual production capacity is 80 million sets. A bearing product system with more than 7,000 specifications and varieties of ten major types, with automobile wheel bearings, railway passenger car speed-up bearings, precision machine tool spindle bearings, mining and metallurgical bearings, water pump and agricultural machinery bearings, and motor bearings as the leading products, has been formed.


Location: Xiangyang, Hubei Province

China xiangyang bearing

Engaged in automotive bearings, it also involves a variety of bearing products in the fields of machinery, agricultural machinery, home appliances and wind power, including the national patent for reinforced tapered roller bearings, full complement cylindrical bearings, automotive air-conditioning compressors, and clutch bearing simulation testing machines.

12.Ningbo Great Group Co.,Ltd. -- NGTB bearing

Location: Ningbo, ZheJiang Province


-- Deep groove ball bearings for automobiles, 

-- Angular contact ball bearings, 

-- Tapered roller bearings, 

-- Cylindrical roller bearings, 

-- Needle roller bearings and related air compressors

-- Tensioner bearings

-- Gearbox bearing

-- Bearing for New energy vehicle reducer supporting

13. Chongqing Changjiang Bearing Co., Ltd. --CJB Bearing

Location: Chongqing


Produce high-quality low-noise sealed deep groove ball bearings, angular contact ball bearings, hub units, tapered roller bearings and its variants


Location: Changzhou, Jiangsu Province

NRB Bearing China

One of the main suppliers of needle roller bearings, roller bearings and clutch release bearings for automotive transmissions in China

Main products are needle roller bearing, roller bearing, clutch release bearing and hub bearing. They are mainly applied to important assemblies like automotive transmission, clutch, heavy truck axle and hub.

15. Huanchi Bearing Group Co., Ltd --- HCH Bearings

Location: Ningbo, ZheJiang Province.


Focus on the design and manufacture of various high-precision and high-quality bearings, which are used in motors, automobiles, household appliances, power tools, water pumps, gear boxes, motorcycles, heavy vehicles, machinery and equipment, etc.

16.Fujian Longxi Bearing(Group) Corp., Ltd.   -- LS BEARING

Location: Zhangzhou, Fujian Province.

LS Spherical plain bearings

mainly produces Spherical Plain Bearing(SPB), Tapered Roller Bearing


Location: Luoyang, Henan Province.

Luoyang Bearing Research Institute

Focuses on developing high-performance bearing products for key units of national economic construction

-- Angular Contact Ball Bearing

-- Ball Screw Bearing

-- Thrust Angular Contact Ball Bearings

-- Cross Cylindrical Roller Bearing

-- Precision Robot Bearings

-- Precision Rotary Table Bearing

-- Wind Turbine Bearings

18. Zhejiang BH Bearing Co., Ltd. 

Location: Taizhou City, Zhejiang


-- Automobile Gearbox Bearings,

-- Automobile Tensioner Bearings,

-- New energy automobile bearing,

-- Automobile steering system bearing,

-- Automobile fan, silicon oil clutch, bearing,

-- Automobile High Speed Intelligent Motor Bearings,

-- High Speed Intelligent Motor Bearing


Location: Wuxi, JiangSu Province.


Standard single row deep groove ball bearings, thin-walled bearings, double row ball bearings, one-way stop bearing assemblies, steering ball bearing assemblies and non-standard ball bearings. Bearing inner diameter size covers φ5~φ90mm

20. China FUDA Bearing Corporation -- F & D Bearing

Location: Ningbo, Zhejiang


FUDA Bearing was established in 1996 and is one of the leading bearing manufacturers and exporters in China. FUDA specializes in the design and production of high quality, high precision deep groove ball bearings.


21. Zhejiang Xinchang Peer Bearing Co., Ltd.

Location: Xinchang City, Zhengjiang Province

China peer bearing

Agricultural bearings manufacturer

22. CSC Bearing Co., Ltd  

Location: Changshu City, Jiangsu Province

csc bearing china

Mainly engaged in the production of  

-- Angular Contact Ball Bearings, 

-- Deep Groove Ball Bearings, 

-- Precision Thin-Section Bearings, 

-- Precision Crossd Roller Bearings, 

-- Cylindrical Roller Bearings, 

-- Spherical Roller Bearings, 

-- Tapered Roller Bearings Thrust ball bearings 

-- Customized Non-standard Bearings.

23. FK Bearing Group Co.,Ltd -- FK Bearing

Location: Quanzhou City, Fujian Province


Bearing Unit, pillow block bearings, agricultural bearings supplier


Location: Changshan, Quzhou city, Zhejiang

-- Ball & Roller Bearing

-- Pillow Block Bearing

25. Jiangsu dibang sanxing bearing Co., ltd -- SANXIN Bearing

Locaction: Changzhou, JiangSu province


-- Full series cylindrical roller bearings (single row, double rows and four rows), 

-- Large and medium-sized deep groove ball bearings, 

-- Double and four rows tapered roller bearings,

-- Single and double rows angular contact bearings, 

-- Thrust cylindrical roller bearings,

26. Wafangdian Metallurgical Bearing Group Co., Ltd. -- WGYS Bearing

Location: Wafangdian, Dalian, China


The company is a fixed-point bearing production enterprise of the State Metallurgical Industry Corporation and a member of the first-class supply network of petroleum machinery bearings of China Petroleum Material Equipment (Group) Corporation. 

27. Dalian Guangyang Bearing Co., Ltd -- ZWA Bearing, Equal quality with Top World brand quality

Location: Wafangdian, Dalian, China


-- Spherical roller bearing,

-- Cylindrical roller bearings,

-- Tapered roller bearings,

-- Thrust roller bearings, 

-- Carb toroidal roller bearings

28. Wafangdian yuandong bearing Co.,ltd - ZHJ Brand

Location: Wafangdian, Dalian, China

-- Thrust roller thrust bearings

29. Wuxi No. 2 Bearing Co., Ltd -- XEZ Bearing

Location: Wuxi, Jiangsu Province

China angular contact ball bearing manufacturer

-- High precision angular contact ball bearings, 

-- Cylindrical roller bearings, 

-- Spindle bearings


Location: Liaocheng, Shandong

CoatMaster-China insulated bearings

-- Electrically insulated bearings

-- Hybrid ceramic bearings, 

-- High precision bearings

-- Angular Contact Ball Bearings

-- Ceramic Bearings

-- Plummer block housing 

-- Bearing Unit

-- Spherical roller bearings

Nowadays, Chinese bearing manufacturers can provide ordinary high-quality industrial bearings, agricultural bearings, automotive bearings, and high-precision bearings, such as aerospace bearings, high-speed precision bearings for machine tool spindles, and Precision angular contact ball bearings for ball screw support, high-speed electric spindle bearings, precision bearings for machine tools in the photovoltaic industry, turntable bearings, wind turbine bearings, joint bearings for shield machines/tunnel boring machine Bearings, Rolling Mill Bearings, high-speed rail bearings, High Precision automotive bearings, pulley bearings for cranes, turbocharger bearings, fluid power Pressure bearing, Hydrodynamic bearing etc.

Top China Bearing manufacturer-TKW Brand

At the same time, Most of The Top Bearing Brand And Largest Bearing Manufacturer in the World has production bases and R&D centers in China, such as SKF, FAG, INA, HQW, NSK, NTN, TIMKEN, KOYO, NKE, SNR, NACHI, NMB, ASAHI, FYH, THK, IKO, EZO, KYK, GRW, GMN, IBC, STIEBER, BARDEN, KAYDON, SEALMASTER,MCGILL, ROLLWAY, PEER, LINK-BELT, ZKL, SAMICK etc.

You can see many kinds of bearing type in China as follows:

Ball Bearings
Bearing Application
1 Deep Groove Ball Bearings 1 Medical device bearing
2 Double Row Deep Groove Ball Bearings 2 Linear Motion Guide
3 Pillow Block Bearings 3 High temperature Bearings
4 Insert Ball Bearings (Y-bearings) 4 Low temperature bearings
5 Angular Contact Ball Bearings 5 Bearing for Agricultural machinery
6 Double Row Angular Contact Ball Bearings 6 Vibrating screen Bearings
7 Self-aligning Ball Bearings 7 Paper making machinery bearings
8 Thrust Ball Bearings 8 Woodworking machinery bearing
9 Angular Contact Thrust Ball Bearings 9 Industrial fan bearing
10 Thin Section Bearings 10 Excavator bearing

11 Rolling Mill Bearings

Roller Bearings 12 Wheel Hub bearings
1 Cylindrical Roller Bearings 13 Robot bearing
2 Full Complement Cylindrical Roller Bearings 14 forklift bearing
3 Needel Roller Bearings 15 Automobile bearing
4 Tapered Roller Bearings 16 King Pin Bearings
5 Inch Tapered Roller Bearings 17 Clutch release bearings
6 Double Row Tapered Roller Bearings 18 Transmission bearings/
7 Spherical Roller Bearings 19 bearing for speed changer
8 Sealed Spherical Roller Bearings 20 Electric motor bearings
9 Toroidal Roller Bearings 21 Bearings for household appliances
10 Cam Roller Bearings 22 Instrument bearing
11 Support Roller Bearings 23 internal-combustion engine bearing
12 Cam Followers Bearing 24 construction machinery bearings
13 Cylindrical Roller Thrust Bearings 25 railway vehicle bearing
14 Needle Roller Thrust Bearings 26 Handling machinery bearing
15 Tapered Roller Thrust Bearings 27 Machine tool spindle bearing
16 Spherical Roller Thrust Bearings 28 Bearing for High frequency motor
17 Cross Roller Bearings 29 High speed bearing for Aviation turbojet engine

30 Bearing for Centrifugal separator

Special Bearings 31 Bearing for Differential pinion shaft
1 Super Precision Bearings 32 Oil pump Bearings
2 Double Direction Angular Contact Thrust Ball Bearings 33 Roots blower Bearings
3 High precision Axial-radial Cylindrical Roller Bearings 34 Air compressor Bearings
4 Angular contact thrust ball bearings for screw drives 35 Fuel injection pump Bearings
5 Linear Motion Guide 36 Printing machinery
6 Linear Guideway 37 Truck Wheel bearings
7 Electrially Insulated Bearings 38 Concrete Mixer Bearings
8 High temperature Bearings and Bearing Units 39 Planetary Gearbox Bearings
9 Nowear Coated Bearings 40 Shearer bearing for mining industry
10 Bearing with Solid Oil 41 Crescent Swing bearing for Hydraulic Pump
11 Ball bearing Units 42 Concrete Mixer Truck Reducer Bearings
12 Roller Bearing Units

13 Bearing Housings 1 Bearing Heaters for mounting and dismounting
14 Plummer Block Housing 2 Hydraulic tools for mounting and dismounting
15 Super Precision Bearings 3 Mechanical tools for mounting and dismounting
16 Stainless steel Bearings 4 Bearing Seals
17 Hybrid Bearings 5 Adapter Sleeve
18 Full Ceramic Bearings 6 Withdrawal Sleeve
19 Sensor Bearing Units

20 Slewing bearings

21 Spherical Plain Bearings and Rod Ends

22 High precision Bearings

23 High speed Bearings

24 Heavy duty bearings

25 bronze alloy bearings

26 Self lubricating Bearing

27 Slide Bearing

TKW Focuses On the Development and Manufacturing of General and Non-Standard Rolling bearings

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