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how do you install the spherical roller bearing

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The structure of spherical roller bearing makes it have the function of self-aligning. So it usually called self-aligning roller bearings on the market. It can not only bear the radial load, but also bear the axial load of two-way action, with strong impact resistance. Spherical roller bearing mainly used in paper making machinery, gear box bearing seat of rolling mill, roller of rolling mill, crusher, vibrating screen, printing machinery, woodworking machinery, reducer for various industries, etc. Most of the end-users of spherical roller bearings don't know how do you install the spherical roller bearing. They are afraid that the installation will not affect the use. What should be paid attention to in the installation? CoatMaster bearing industry engineer will explain to you about the installation of the spherical roller bearings. As for the installation of spherical roller bearing,  maybe you think that the  professional engineer to install. You don't need to know too much about it. In fact, only when you understand the installation process can you use it better. Now I'm going to show you how to install the spherical roller bearing.


Mounting and dismounting of spherical roller bearings

Before install the spherical roller bearings, we need to know something about the bearings, To provide proper bearing performance and prevent premature failure, skill and cleanliness when mounting spherical roller bearings are necessary. Bearing care prior to mounting,Proper care begins in the stock room. Store bearings in their original unopened packages, in a dry place. The bearing number is plainly shown on the box or wrapping. Before packaging, the manufacturer protected the bearing with a rust preventive slush compound. An unopened package means continued protection. The bearings need to be left in their original packages until immediately before mounting so they will not be exposed to any contaminants, especially dirt. Handle the bearing with clean, dry hands and with clean rags. Lay the bearing on clean paper and keep it covered. Never expose the bearing on a dirty bench or floor. Never use a bearing as a gauge to check either the housing bore or the shaft fit.

Don’t wash a new bearing. it is already clean. Normally, the preservative with which new bearings are coated before leaving the factory does not need to be removed; it is only necessary to wipe off the outside cylindrical surface and bore. If, however, the bearing is to be grease lubricated and used at very high or very low temperatures, or if the grease is not compatible with the preservative, it is necessary to wash and carefully dry the bearing. This is to avoid any detrimental effect on the lubricating properties of the grease. Old grease can be washed from a used bearing with a solvent but the fluid and container must be clean. After this cleaning, wash the bearing out thoroughly with light oil and then relubricate.

How to install the spherical roller bearing? First of all, we have to know more about the internal structure of spherical roller bearings,

Spherical roller bearings consist of inner ring with two raceway and outer ring with a spherical raceway, as well as the pressed cage or brass cage, spherical rollers. The curvature center of the raceway surface of the outer ring is caused by the bearing center, so it has the same centering function as the self-aligning ball bearing. When the shaft and shell are flexed, the load can be adjusted automatically and the axial load in two directions can be adjusted. Large radial load capacity, suitable for heavy load, impact load. The inner diameter of the inner ring is a bearing with a tapered hole, which can be installed directly. Or install it on the cylindrical shaft with a tightening sleeve and a dismounting cylinder. The cage is made of steel plate stamping cage, polyamide forming cage and copper alloy car cage. Spherical roller bearing can carry larger and heavier capacity than self-aligning ball bearings, not not so much higher speed than self-aligning ball bearings.

For spherical roller bearings, when the bearing with shaft is installed into the shaft hole of the box, the use of the middle mounting ring can prevent the outer ring from tilting and rotating. It should be remembered that some sizes of self-aligning ball bearings have the ball protruding from the side of the bearing, so the middle mounting ring should be recessed to prevent damage to the ball. A large number of bearings are generally installed by mechanical or hydraulic pressing method.

The bearings should be left in their original packages until immediately before mounting so they do not become dirty. The dimensional and form accuracy of all components, which will be in contact with the bearing, should be checked.


Step 1 Remove any burrs or rust on the shaft with an emery cloth or a fine file

Step 2 Wipe the shaft with a clean cloth.

Step 3 Measure the shaft diameter

Step 4 Remove the locknut and locking washer from the adapter sleeve assembly.

Step 5 Wipe preservative from the adapter O. D. and bore. Remove oil from the shaft to prevent transfer of oil to the bore of the adapter sleeve.

Step 6 Position the adapter sleeve on the shaft, threads outboard as indicated, to the approximate location with respect to required bearing centerline. For easier positioning of the sleeve, a screwdriver can be placed in the slit to open the sleeve.

Step 7 Applying a light oil to the sleeve outside diameter surface results in easier bearing mounting and removal. Wipe the preservative from the bore of the bearing. It may not be necessary to remove the preservative from the internal components of the bearing unless the bearing will be lubricated by a circulating oil or oil mist system.

Step 8 Place the bearing on the adapter sleeve, leading with the large bore of the inner ring to match the taper of the adapter. Apply the hydraulic nut (DO NOT apply the locking washer at this time). Ensure that the bearing bore size is equal to the hydraulic nut. Otherwise, the pressure in the table must be adjusted. Drive the bearing up to the starting position by applying the hydraulic pressure listed in Starting Position for the specific bearing size being mounted. Monitor the pressure by the gauge on the selected pump. As an alternative, SKF mounting gauge TMJG 100D can be screwed directly into the hydraulic nut.

Step 9 Drive the bearing up the adapter sleeve the required distance Ss shown under column heading. The axial drive-up is best monitored by a dial indicator.

Step 10 Remove the hydraulic nut and install the locking washer on the adapter sleeve. The inner prong of the locking washer should face the bearing and be located in the slot of the adapter sleeve. Reapply the locknut until tight. (DO NOT drive the bearing further up the taper, as this will reduce the radial internal clearance further).

Step 11 Find the locking washer tang that is nearest a locknut slot. If the slot is slightly past the tang don’t loosen the nut, but instead tighten it to meet the closest locking washer tang. Do not bend the locking tab to the bottom of the locknut slot.

Step 12 Check that the shaft and outer ring can be rotated easily by hand. Note: For bearings with a bore diameter greater than 200mm, hydraulic assist is recommended in addition to using the hydraulic nut.

After installation, the spherical roller bearing shall be tested to see if there is any abnormality. If there is any noise, vibration and other problems, it shall be stopped and checked in time. For more questions about installation of spherical roller bearing. Please contact with our engineer for details.

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