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Application of Hybrid Ceramic Bearings

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With the development of human civilization, especially the development of modern industry in recent hundreds of years, the emergence of bearings has played a key role in industrial machinery. Common industrial bearings generally use chrome steel, manganese steel, alloy steel, ordinary stainless steel bearings, and plastics. Bearings, etc., special industries and parts have very strict requirements on speed, temperature, noise, and service life. Ordinary industrial bearings cannot meet market demands. In 1984, Koyo Seiko successfully applied ceramic materials to the bearing industry for the first time. Applied to the hydraulic pump of the space shuttle, because the bearing is light in weight, the speed can be increased by 0.5 to 1 times, and less or no lubricating oil is used; Japanese ceramic ball bearings and hybrid ceramc bearings are used in corrosion-resistant industries, aerospace engines, machine tools, subways and other fields. Universal application.

Hybrid ceramic bearings and full ceramic bearings have been developed to nowadays and have been widely used in aero engines, various high-precision, high-speed machine tools, automobiles, racing cars, subways, motors, petrochemical machinery, metallurgical machinery and other fields. Countries that can produce hybrid ceramic ball bearings include China, the United States, Japan, Germany, Austria, etc. This type of ultra-high-precision, ultra-high-speed bearings represents the industrial level of a country. The research on ceramic bearings in China is more advanced than that of Europe, the United States, and Japan. It is nearly 30 years late, but the research and application of hybrid ceramic ball bearings in China has developed rapidly. We will vigorously develop the national machine tool industry, improve the accuracy of machine tool products, and meet special applications. Ceramic bearings and hybrid ceramic bearings will play a decisive and key role. , And the use of new nanocomposite ceramic materials is a trend to improve the accuracy and performance of ceramic bearing products.

hybrid ceramic bearings application

Hybrid Ceramic bearings (designation suffix HC) have rings made of bearing steel and rolling elements made of bearing grade silicon nitride (ceramic). As ceramic balls are lighter and have a higher modulus of elasticity and lower coefficient of thermal expansion than steel balls, hybrid bearings can provide the following advantages:

• higher degree of rigidity

• higher speed capability

• reduced centrifugal and inertial forces within the bearing

• minimized stress at the outer ring rolling contacts at high speeds 

• reduced frictional heat

• less energy consumption

• extended bearing and grease service life

• less prone to skid smearing damage and cage damage when subject to frequent rapid starts and stops

• less sensitive to temperature differences within the bearing

• more accurate preload/clearance control

Application of Hybrid Ceramic Bearings

Application of Hybrid ceramic bearings


1. Machine tools   Spindle

2. Film manufacturing equipment    

-- Liquid Crystal Polarizing

-- Film Manufacturing Equipment,

-- Photograhic Film Manufacturing Equipment

3. Power generation equipments    

-- Wind Turbine Generator,

-- Micro Gas Turbine Generator

4. Industrial furnaces      

-- Liquid Crystal Panel Bonding and LC Sealing Furnace,

-- Furnaces Cars,

-- Tube Annealing Furnace Guide Rolls,

-- Diffusion Furnace Dolly

5. Production equipment       

-- Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor manufacturing Equipment,

-- Synthetic Fiber Manufacturing Equipment,

-- DVD Sputtering Equipment,

-- Steel Wire Stranding Machine,

-- Jet Electrostatic Coating Machine,

-- Blister Packaging Equipment  

6. Semiconductor manufacturing equipment      

-- Transfer Robot for Semiconductor and LCD Manufacturing Equipment,

-- Electron beam lithography,

-- Gates in Chemical Vapor Deposition Equipment,

-- Etching Equipment, Vacuum Evaporator,

-- Spin-dryer for wafer Cleaning Equipment,

-- Wafer Transfer Equipment,

-- Wafer Cleaning Equipment for Chemical Mechanical Polishing System, 

-- Turbo Molecular Pump

7. Motor, Industry machinery   

-- Polygon scanner motor,

-- ultrasonic motor in manetic resonance imagers,

-- Switched Reluctance Motor

8. Medical equipment     

-- Blood contrifuge,

-- Ultrasonic motor in magnetic resonance imagers

9. Home electrical appliance

Air-conditioner motors,Fan motor


10.Outer space, leisure

-- Outer space Experimentation Equipment,

-- Inline Skates



-- Turbocharger,Rally Car Hub Units,

-- Wheel bearings for Solar Cars,

-- Fuel Injection System Control Value,

-- Motorcycle Superchargers

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