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How to Choose Bearing Type ?

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Bearings are the most widely used basic accessories in industrial systems. They exist in various fields such as industry, automobiles, aerospace, agriculture, construction machinery, automation equipment, power tools, household appliances, and office equipment.

How to choose the type and size of bearings is a very important part in the purchase of bearings, which directly affects whether the equipment can run normally. Different rolling bearings have different characteristics and are suitable for various application conditions of various mechanical equipment. Different use environments have different requirements for bearing speed, load, noise value, service life, etc. When purchasing bearings, you should first choose some bearing suppliers, and choose the appropriate bearing type and bearing model among many bearing types.

"TKW" Bearing manufacturer from China tells you that when selecting bearing models, the following elements should generally be considered:

Select the bearing type according to the area and position of the mechanical equipment where the bearing is located

We generally use ball bearings for small shafts, and roller bearings for large shafts.If the diameter of the bearing is limited, we generally use needle roller bearings, ultra-light ball bearings or roller bearings; when the bearing is limited in the axial part of the equipment, narrow or ultra-narrow series of ball bearings or roller bearings.

The bearing model shall be selected according to the load. The load should be the most critical factor to be considered in the selection of bearings

Roller bearings can bear relatively large loads, while ball bearings are relatively small. Bearings made of carburized steel can bear impact and vibration loads

When the bearings only need to bear radial load, we can choose thrust ball bearing, cylindrical roller bearing or needle roller bearing.

When the axial load is relatively small, we can choose thrust ball bearing; When the axial load is relatively large, the thrust roller bearing is generally selected. When the bearing bears both axial and radial loads, we generally choose angular contact ball bearing or tapered roller bearing.

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Select the bearing model According to the self-aligning characteristics of the bearing

When the axis of the shaft is not the same as the axis of the bearing seat, or is easily bent or skewed under pressure, self-aligning ball or self-aligning roller bearings with excellent self-aligning function, and Pillow block bearings can be selected.

This type of bearing can ensure normal work when the shaft is slightly skewed or bent. The pros and cons of the bearing's self-aligning function are related to its possible non-axiality. The larger the value, the better self-aligning performance.

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Select the bearing type According to the stiffness of the bearing

The elastic deformation of rolling bearings is not large and can be ignored in most mechanical equipment, but in some mechanical equipment, such as machine tool spindles, bearing stiffness is a key factor;

We generally use cylindrical roller bearings or tapered roller bearings for machine tool spindle bearings. Since these two types of bearings belong to point contact when under load, the rigidity is weak.

In addition, various bearings can utilize preload to increase bearing stiffness. Such as angular contact ball bearings and tapered roller bearings, in order to improve the support rigidity, a certain axial force is usually added in advance during assembly to make them clamp each other. It is especially emphasized here: the preload force cannot be too large. Otherwise, the friction of the bearing may increase, the temperature rise will increase, and the service life of the bearing will be endangered.

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Select bearing model Depending on the rotational speed of the bearing

Generally speaking, angular contact bearings and cylindrical roller bearings are suitable for use in high-speed workplaces; tapered roller bearings can be used in low-speed workplaces.

Thrust ball bearings have a low limit speed and are only suitable for places with lower speeds.

For the same type of bearing, the smaller the specification, the higher the allowable rotational speed. When selecting the bearing model, pay attention to the actual speed less than the limit speed.

When we choose the bearing model in practical application, we can choose according to the above needs

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