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Thin Section Bearing for Industrial Robots

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With the intelligentization of industries, agriculture, manufacturing, and service industries in various countries in the world today, more and more human jobs are replaced by industrial robots. In response to this trend, TKW bearings have become the first batch of bearings for industrial robots in China. The production enterprises of China have made up for the gap in this bearing field in China, and have replaced the domestic robot industry’s dependence on imported bearings (Kaydon, NSK, FAG, KOYO, TIMKEN, SilverThin, SSB etc.). TKW high-quality thin-section bearings , Not only shortens the procurement cycle of Chinese robot companies, but also greatly saves procurement costs. With the development of the robot industry, TKW will serve high quality demand thin-section bearings for the end-user all over the world with higher quality, better service, and lower prices.

Application of thin section bearings

Industrial robot bearings are one of the most critical supporting parts in the industry. They mainly include two types of bearings used in industrial robots, one is a uniform cross-section thin-walled bearing, and the other is a cross cylindrical roller bearing. In addition, there are harmonic reducer bearings, linear bearings, joint bearings, etc., which are most suitable for joints or rotating parts of industrial robots, rotating tables of machining centers, rotating parts of manipulators, precision rotating tables, medical instruments, and measuring instruments , IC manufacturing equipment and other wide-ranging applications. Industrial use determines the high quality, high precision and low noise value of thin section bearings.

With the development of science and technology, the development trend of contemporary industrial robots tends to be lightweight. Bearings must be installed in a relatively limited indoor space. They must be small in size and light in weight, that is, lightweight. At the same time, the robot’s high load, high rotation precision, high operational stability, high precision positioning rate, high repeatability level, long life, and high reliability performance require that the robot bearings of supporting facilities must have high carrying capacity, High precision, high bending stiffness, low friction torque, long life, high reliability performance. The high precision, high load carrying capacity, low friction torque, high bending stiffness and other characteristics of thin section bearings meet the requirements of industrial robot bearings, so they are now widely used in industrial robot bearings.

                             Deep groove ball bearings                        Angular Contact Ball Bearings                       Four-Point Contact Ball Bearing

thin section deep groove ball bearings  Thin section angular contact ball bearingsthin section four point contact ball bearings

Thin section bearings are also called slim section bearings, which have high precision, very quietness and strong load-carrying capacity. Thin section ball bearings can be deep groove ball bearings, four-point contact bearings, angular contact ball bearings, and thin-walled bearings with equal cross-sections are mostly square in cross section. In these series, even with larger shaft diameters and bearing holes, the cross-section remains the same. These bearings are therefore called equal sections. It is this characteristic that distinguishes thin-walled ring bearings in the standard ISO series from traditional bearings. Therefore, it is possible to choose a larger cross-section and use a bearing with a higher load-bearing capacity without having to change the shaft diameter. Moreover, the bearing capacity needs to be larger than that of ordinary thin section bearings, which are widely used as robot bearings in small-sized positions such as elbow joints, wrists, and abdomen of industrial robots.

Industrial robot bearings are not limited to use in the field of industrial robots. In high-precision fields such as precision measurement equipment, aerospace, astronomical research, and medical equipment, such bearings also have important development and application potential. 

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