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BND unsplit Plummer block housing for spherical roller bearing

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FAG BND unsplit Plummer block housing series are one kind of plummer block housings,and it made of cast iron,This housing working with spherical roller bearings series with tapered bore and adapter sleeve.locating bearing,non-locating bearing as well as cover DK,FAG BND unsplit Plummer block housing are unsplit bearing housings,i.e. locating bearing arrangements can be achieved by inserting a locating ring, locating rings must be ordered separately, housings closed on one side to size have a polyamide cover inserted in the slot instead of the felt strip, this cover must be ordered separately.
FAG BND unsplit Plummer block housing are produced as non-locating bearing housings or as locating bearing housings, when ordering housings closed on one side,design A must be indicated in the order, the cover is made from steel, housings of design B are intended for continuous shafts. the housings are sealed using felt strips,felt seals allow shaft misalignment of up to 0.5 degree directions, FAG BND unsplit Plummer block housing can be relubricated connector in the centre of the housing,the housing material is flake graphite cast iron. the grease quantity for initial filling of housing S30 we recommended 60% filled of the housing.
FAG BND unsplit Plummer block housing are generally intended for bearing arrangements with spherical roller bearing and sealed spherical roller bearings.
in split plummer block housing,the removable upper section of the housing is centred on the lower section by dowel pins,allowing easier fitting and maintenance , the upper sections must not be interchanged with each other. in the case of split housings,the tolerance data for bearing seats are only valid for the delivered condition, before the screws connecting the upper and lower sections are loosened.
Designation of FAG BND unsplit Plummer block housing
BND2213 Housing + 22213 bearing
BND2215 Housing + 22215 bearing
BND2218 Housing + 22218 bearing
BND2220 Housing + 22220 bearing
BND2222 Housing + 22222 bearing
BND3122 Housing + 23122 bearing
BND3222 Housing + 23222 bearing
BND2224 Housing + 22224 bearing
BND3024 Housing + 23024 bearing
BND3124 Housing + 23124 bearing
BND3224 Housing + 23224 bearing
BND3126 Housing + 23226 bearing
BND3226 Housing + 23226 bearing
BND2228 Housing + 22228 bearing
BND3028 Housing + 23028 bearing
BND3128 Housing + 23128 bearing
BND3228 Housing + 23228 bearing
BND2230 Housing + 22230 bearing
BND3030 Housing + 23030 bearing
BND3130 Housing + 23130 bearing
BND3230 Housing + 23230 bearing
BND2232 Housing + 22232 bearing
BND3232 Housing + 23232 bearing
BND3132 Housing + 23132 bearing
BND3032 Housing + 23032 bearing
BND3034 Housing + 23034 bearing
BND3134 Housing + 23134 bearing
BND3234 Housing + 23234 bearing
BND2236 Housing + 22236 bearing
BND3036 Housing + 23036 bearing
BND3136 Housing + 23136 bearing
BND3236 Housing + 23236 bearing
BND2238 Housing + 22238 bearing
BND3038 Housing + 23038 bearing
BND3138 Housing + 23138 bearing
BND3238 Housing + 23238 bearing
BND2240 Housing + 22240 bearing
BND2240 Housing + 22240 bearing
BND2240 Housing + 22240 bearing
BND3040 Housing + 23040 bearing
BND3140 Housing + 23140 bearing
BND3240 Housing + 23240 bearing
BND2244 Housing + 22244 bearing
BND3044 Housing + 23044 bearing
BND3144 Housing + 23144 bearing
BND3244 Housing + 23244 bearing
BND3048 Housing + 23048 bearing
BND2248 Housing + 22248 bearing
BND3048 Housing + 23048 bearing
BND3148 Housing + 23148 bearing
BND3248 Housing + 23248 bearing
BND2252 Housing + 22252 bearing
BND3052 Housing + 23052 bearing
BND3152 Housing + 23152 bearing
BND3252 Housing + 23252 bearing
BND2256 Housing + 22256 bearing
BND3056 Housing + 23056 bearing
BND3156 Housing + 23156 bearing
BND3256 Housing + 23256 bearing
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