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PTI SAF Split plummer blocks with spherical roller bearings

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PTI SAF Split plummer block housings are supplied by PTI Europa A/S which is located at Hojer,Southern Jutland,Denmark,they does not only manufacturing spherical roller bearing,double self aligning ball bearing,adapter sleeves ,standard & hydraulic adapter, hydraulic mounting nuts,spanner wrenches,lock-nuts and lock-washers,withdrawel sleeves,the new PTI SAF series plummer block housings include unique  features,multiple seal options and are stocked in 3 different housing materials:cast iron,ductile and cast steel, these units can handle a variety of application conditions including heavy loads,high and low speeds,grease or oil lube and offer seal options for
the most challenging environments. this split plummer block is extremely versatile and economical. the SAF plummer block housing has industry standard mounting and shaft center height dimensions.

The new solid base housing is one of the most robust split plummer blocks available,the design includes an internal oil cross-port
channel to ensure balanced oil levels for both sets of rollers of the spherical roller bearing and sealed spherical roller bearings,
single row spherical roller bearings,if high speed is a requirement,double row self aligning ball bearing can also be used, for 
circulation oil systems,large drain holes are standard on each side of the split plummer blocks, the drains accept standard oil
site glasses.Split plummer block housings caps and bases are paired to ensure a controlled bearing fit, housing match marks are
standard, large pry slots help make access to the bearing easy.

The LER is a popular standard labyrinth seal for SAF plummer block housings,the PER interchanges completely,and includes an O-ring
shaft seal for a snug fit on the shaft, the O-ring will cause the PER to generally spin with the shaft, the EPR end cover seals one
end of the SAF plummer block housings.

Seal options:
1. LER Standard labyrinth seal
2. LER-DC dust cover/Wiper seal for LER or PER seals
3. PER Labyrinth with O-ring
4. PER-PTV-ring seal for use with PER Labyrinth
5. TER Taconite with V-ring face seal
6. TER-OS Taconite seal with Oil seal
7. EPR End Covers

PTI Split plummer block housings has many design according their dimension,these Split plummer block housings accept self-aligning ball bearing or sealed spherical roller bearings with adapter sleeves, they are available in cast iron(SAF suffix) Ductile( SAFD ) or cast steel (SAFS), SAF -2 bolt base, FSAF -4 bolt base, SAF522 housing through SAF544 only with 4 bolt base,SAF housings are supplied standard with triple labyrinth LER seals,PER,LER DC and TER Taconite seals are also available as an option.End covers and taconite seals also available, for fixed bearings use the fixing ring included,for expansion units,remove fixing rings.

Designation of PTI Split plummer block housings

SAF505 housing + 1205K bearing
SAF505 housing + 2205K bearing
SAF506 housing + 1206K bearing
SAF506 housing + 2206K bearing
SAF507 housing + 1207K bearing
SAF507 housing + 2207K bearing
SAF509 housing + 1209K bearing
SAF509 housing + 2209K bearing
SAF510 housing + 1210K bearing
SAF510 housing + 2210K bearing
SAF510 housing + 22210K bearing
SAF511 housing + 1211K bearing
SAF511 housing + 1211K bearing
SAF511 housing + 22211K bearing
SAF513 housing + 1213K bearing
SAF513 housing + 2213K bearing
SAF513 housing + 22213K bearing
FSAF513 housing + 1213K bearing
FSAF513 housing + 2213K bearing
FSAF513 housing + 22213K bearing
SAF515 housing + 1215K bearing
SAF515 housing + 2215K bearing
SAF515 housing + 22215K bearing
FSAF515 housing + 1215K bearing
FSAF515 housing + 2215K bearing
FSAF515 housing + 22215K bearing
SAF516 housing + 1216K bearing
SAF516 housing + 2216K bearing
SAF516 housing + 22216K bearing
FSAF516 housing + 1216K bearing
FSAF516 housing + 2216K bearing
FSAF516 housing + 22216K bearing
SAF517 housing + 1217K bearing
SAF517 housing + 2217K bearing
SAF517 housing + 22217K bearing
FSAF517 housing + 1217K bearing
FSAF517 housing + 2217K bearing
FSAF517 housing + 22217K bearing
SAF518 housing + 1218K bearing
SAF518 housing + 2218K bearing
SAF518 housing + 22218K bearing
FSAF518 housing + 1218K bearing
FSAF518 housing + 2218K bearing
FSAF518 housing + 22218K bearing
SAF520 housing + 1220K bearing
SAF520 housing + 2220K bearing
SAF520 housing + 22220K bearing
FSAF520 housing + 1220K bearing
FSAF520 housing + 2220K bearing
FSAF520 housing + 22220K bearing
SAF522 housing + 1222K bearing
SAF522 housing + 2222K bearing
SAF522 housing + 22222K bearing
FSAF522 housing + 1222K bearing
FSAF522 housing + 2222K bearing
FSAF522 housing + 22222K bearing
SAF524 housing + 22224 CCK/W33 Bearing
SAF526 housing + 22226 CCK/W33 Bearing
SAF528 housing + 22228 CCK/W33 Bearing
SAF530 housing + 22230 CCK/W33 Bearing
SAF532 housing + 22232 CCK/W33 Bearing
SAF534 housing + 22234 CCK/W33 Bearing
SAF536 housing + 22236 CCK/W33 Bearing
SAF538 housing + 22238 CCK/W33 Bearing
SAF540 housing + 22240 CCK/W33 Bearing
SAF544 housing + 22244 CCK/W33 Bearing

PTI SAF600 series Plummer block housings will accept self-aligning ball bearing or spherical roller bearings with adapter sleeves(for heavy load applications),they are available in cast iron( SAF ) or Cast steel (SAFS).SAF-2bolt base,FSAF- 4 bolt base, SAF618 through SAF638 Only with 4 bolt base. SAF Housings are supplied standard with triple labyrinth seals,end cover and tanonite seals available on request, each Split plummer block housings includes fixing rings,when removed,the units will accommodate shaft expansion.

SAF609 housing + 1309K Bearing
SAF609 housing + 2309K Bearing
SAF609 housing + 21309K Bearing
SAF609 housing + 22309K Bearing
SAF610 housing + 1310K Bearing
SAF610 housing + 2310K Bearing
SAF610 housing + 21310CCK/W33 Bearing
SAF610 housing + 22310CCK/W33 Bearing
SAF611 housing + 2311K Bearing
SAF611 housing + 1311K Bearing
SAF611 housing + 21311CCK/W33 Bearing
SAF611 housing + 22311CCK/W33 Bearing
SAF613 housing + 2313K Bearing
SAF613 housing + 1313K Bearing
SAF613 housing + 21313CCK/W33 Bearing
SAF613 housing + 22313CCK/W33 Bearing
FSAF613 housing + 2313K Bearing
FSAF613 housing + 1313K Bearing
FSAF613 housing + 21313CCK/W33 Bearing
FSAF613 housing + 22313CCK/W33 Bearing
SAF615 housing + 2315K Bearing
SAF615 housing + 1315K Bearing
SAF615 housing + 21315CCK/W33 Bearing
SAF615 housing + 22315CCK/W33 Bearing
FSAF615 housing + 2315K Bearing
FSAF615 housing + 1315K Bearing
FSAF615 housing + 21315CCK/W33 Bearing
FSAF615 housing + 22315CCK/W33 Bearing
SAF616 housing + 2316K Bearing
SAF616 housing + 1316K Bearing
SAF616 housing + 21316CCK/W33 Bearing
SAF616 housing + 22316CCK/W33 Bearing
FSAF616 housing + 2316K Bearing
FSAF616 housing + 1316K Bearing
FSAF616 housing + 21316CCK/W33 Bearing
FSAF616 housing + 22316CCK/W33 Bearing
SAF617 housing + 2317K Bearing
SAF617 housing + 1317K Bearing
SAF617 housing + 21317CCK/W33 Bearing
SAF617 housing + 22317CCK/W33 Bearing
FSAF617 housing + 2317K Bearing
FSAF617 housing + 1317K Bearing
FSAF617 housing + 21317CCK/W33 Bearing
FSAF617 housing + 22317CCK/W33 Bearing
SAF618 housing + 2318K Bearing
SAF618 housing + 1318K Bearing
SAF618 housing + 21318CCK/W33 Bearing
SAF618 housing + 22318CCK/W33 Bearing
FSAF618 housing + 2318K Bearing
FSAF618 housing + 1318K Bearing
FSAF618 housing + 21318CCK/W33 Bearing
FSAF618 housing + 22318CCK/W33 Bearing
SAF620 housing + 2320K Bearing
SAF620 housing + 1320K Bearing
SAF620 housing + 21320CCK/W33 Bearing
SAF620 housing + 22320CCK/W33 Bearing
SAF622 housing + 1322K Bearing
SAF622 housing + 21322CCK/W33 Bearing
SAF622 housing + 22322CCK/W33 Bearing
SAF624 housing + 22324CCK/W33 Bearing
SAF626 housing + 22326CCK/W33 Bearing
SAF628 housing + 22328CCK/W33 Bearing
SAF630 housing + 22330CCK/W33 Bearing
SAF632 housing + 22332CCK/W33 Bearing
SAF634 housing + 22334CCK/W33 Bearing
SAF636 housing + 22336CCK/W33 Bearing
SAF638 housing + 22338CCK/W33 Bearing
SAF640 housing + 22340CCK/W33 Bearing

PTI SAF200 series Split Plummer block housings

these plummer block housing accept self-aligning ball bearings or spherical roller bearings with straight bore,they are available in cast iron(SAF),Ductile(SAFD) Or cast steel (SAFS),SAF-2 bolt base,FSAF -4bolt base,SAF222 Through SAF244 only with 4 bolt base, SAF200 Split plummer block housings are supplied standard with triple labyrinth seals,end cover and taconite seals available on request, each split plummer block housings includes a fixing ring for non-expansion.removing the ring allows the bearing to float as the expansion bearing,

SAF216 Housing + 1216 bearing
SAF216 Housing + 2216 bearing
SAF216 Housing + 22216CC/W33 bearing
FSAF216 Housing + 1216 bearing
FSAF216 Housing + 2216 bearing
FSAF216 Housing + 22216CC/W33 bearing
SAF217 Housing + 1217 bearing
SAF217 Housing + 2217 bearing
SAF217 Housing + 22217CC/W33 bearing
FSAF217 Housing + 1217 bearing
FSAF217 Housing + 2217 bearing
FSAF217 Housing + 22217CC/W33 bearing
SAF218 Housing + 1218 bearing
SAF218 Housing + 2218 bearing
SAF218 Housing + 22218CC/W33 bearing
FSAF218 Housing + 1218 bearing
FSAF218 Housing + 2218 bearing
FSAF218 Housing + 22218CC/W33 bearing
SAF220 Housing + 1220 bearing
SAF220 Housing + 2220 bearing
SAF220 Housing + 22220CC/W33 bearing
FSAF220 Housing + 1220 bearing
FSAF220 Housing + 2220 bearing
FSAF220 Housing + 22220CC/W33 bearing
SAF222 Housing + 1222 bearing
SAF222 Housing + 2222 bearing
SAF222 Housing + 22222CC/W33 bearing
FSAF222 Housing + 1222 bearing
FSAF222 Housing + 2222 bearing
FSAF222 Housing + 22222CC/W33 bearing
SAF224 Housing + 22224CC/W33 bearing
SAF226 Housing + 22226CC/W33 bearing
SAF228 Housing + 22228CC/W33 bearing
SAF230 Housing + 22230CC/W33 bearing
SAF232 Housing + 22232CC/W33 bearing
SAF234 Housing + 22234CC/W33 bearing
SAF236 Housing + 22236CC/W33 bearing
SAF238 Housing + 22238CC/W33 bearing
SAF240 Housing + 22240CC/W33 bearing
SAF244 Housing + 22244CC/W33 bearing

SAF300 Series Split plummer block housings are the same design withSAF200 series housings,the designation of these housing as follows:

SAF308 housing + 1308 bearing
SAF308 housing + 2308 bearing
SAF308 housing + 21308CC/W33 bearing
SAF308 housing + 22308CC/W33 bearing
SAF309 housing + 1309 bearing
SAF309 housing + 2309 bearing
SAF309 housing + 21309CC/W33 bearing
SAF309 housing + 22309CC/W33 bearing
SAF310 housing + 1310 bearing
SAF310 housing + 2310 bearing
SAF310 housing + 21310CC/W33 bearing
SAF310 housing + 22310CC/W33 bearing
SAF311 housing + 1311 bearing
SAF311 housing + 2311 bearing
SAF311 housing + 21311CC/W33 bearing
SAF311 housing + 22311CC/W33 bearing
FSAF311 housing + 1311 bearing
FSAF311 housing + 2311 bearing
FSAF311 housing + 21311CC/W33 bearing
FSAF311 housing + 22311CC/W33 bearing
SAF313 housing + 1313 bearing
SAF313 housing + 2313 bearing
SAF313 housing + 21313CC/W33 bearing
SAF313 housing + 22313CC/W33 bearing
FSAF313 housing + 1313 bearing
FSAF313 housing + 2313 bearing
FSAF313 housing + 21313CC/W33 bearing
FSAF313 housing + 22313CC/W33 bearing
SAF314 housing + 1314 bearing
SAF314 housing + 2314 bearing
SAF314 housing + 21314CC/W33 bearing
SAF314 housing + 22314CC/W33 bearing
FSAF314 housing + 1314 bearing
FSAF314 housing + 2314 bearing
FSAF314 housing + 21314CC/W33 bearing
FSAF314 housing + 22314CC/W33 bearing
SAF315 housing + 1315 bearing
SAF315 housing + 2315 bearing
SAF315 housing + 21315CC/W33 bearing
SAF315 housing + 22315CC/W33 bearing
FSAF315 housing + 1315 bearing
FSAF315 housing + 2315 bearing
FSAF315 housing + 21315CC/W33 bearing
FSAF315 housing + 22315CC/W33 bearing
SAF316 housing + 1316 bearing
SAF316 housing + 2316 bearing
SAF316 housing + 21316CC/W33 bearing
SAF316 housing + 22316CC/W33 bearing
FSAF316 housing + 1316 bearing
FSAF316 housing + 2316 bearing
FSAF316 housing + 21316CC/W33 bearing
FSAF316 housing + 22316CC/W33 bearing
SAF317 housing + 1317 bearing
SAF317 housing + 2317 bearing
SAF317 housing + 21317CC/W33 bearing
SAF317 housing + 22317CC/W33 bearing
FSAF317 housing + 1317 bearing
FSAF317 housing + 2317 bearing
FSAF317 housing + 21317CC/W33 bearing
FSAF317 housing + 22317CC/W33 bearing
SAF318 housing + 1318 bearing
SAF318 housing + 2318 bearing
SAF318 housing + 21318CC/W33 bearing
SAF318 housing + 22318CC/W33 bearing
FSAF318 housing + 1318 bearing
FSAF318 housing + 2318 bearing
FSAF318 housing + 21318CC/W33 bearing
FSAF318 housing + 22318CC/W33 bearing
SAF320 housing + 1320 bearing
SAF320 housing + 2320 bearing
SAF320 housing + 21320CC/W33 bearing
SAF320 housing + 22320CC/W33 bearing
SAF322 housing + 1322 bearing
SAF322 housing + 21322CC/W33 bearing
SAF322 housing + 22322CC/W33 bearing
SAF324 housing + 22324CC/W33 bearing
SAF326 housing + 22326CC/W33 bearing
SAF328 housing + 22328CC/W33 bearing
SAF330 housing + 22330CC/W33 bearing
SAF332 housing + 22332CC/W33 bearing
SAF334 housing + 22334CC/W33 bearing
SAF336 housing + 22336CC/W33 bearing
SAF338 housing + 22338CC/W33 bearing
SAF340 housing + 22340CC/W33 bearing

XRB is the China bearing manufacturer & factory & exporter & supplier ,it not only supply normal PTI split Plummer block housings with spherical roller bearings, but also the inch size and special purpose Plummer block housings,Our large quantity PTI split Plummer block housings Stock can meet your need with lowest price and fast delivery
We accepted DHL,FEDEX,TNT express for small order and samples order,also the transportation By AIR or By Sea,by Train are all available.we are sure we can ship PTI split Plummer block housings to your office at the first time.

E-mail: brandbearings@gmail.com, 

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