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Pillow Block Bearing with housing

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Easier is a registered trademark of XRB bearing, including bearing with housing, pillow block and insert ball bearing. The bearing with housing is composed of pillow block and outer spherical bearing.Pillow block Bearing with housing can carry out simple and effective automatic centering for installation error, which can be easily installed on various industrial shafts, especially on the equipment frame.

Pillow block Bearing with housing has a wide range of products, including vertical seat, various flanged housing, keyway seat, circular pillow block, etc. the materials include gray cast iron pillow block, nodular cast iron housing, steel plate stamping pillow block. Stainless steel housing and plastic pillow block.

The pillow block bearing and the bearing housing can be interchanged each other. The same bearing housing can be equipped with various types of pillow block bearing, and the same pillow block bearing can also be equipped with various types of bearing housing.

The quality seals is the very important factor to affect the operation of the pillow block bearing, Easier pillow block bearing pays attention to sealing, and different sealing methods can be selected according to different application occasions, including J-type rubber seal, H-type dust-proof metal seal, SL type double-layer seal. L3 type three lip seal, F type combination seal, special multilayer seal, bearing end cover seal, bearing seat end cover seal, etc.

Easier Pillow block bearing can be easily installed and fixed on the standard shaft through eccentric locking collar, Set Screw, adapter sleeve or concentric sleeve.The reliable, simple and easy to install features make the pillow block bearing with housing widely used in agricultural machinery, mining equipment, textile machinery, fans, hoists, packaging machinery, fitness equipment, Three dimensional parking equipment, construction machinery, processing and automation equipment, etc.

Classification of pillow block bearings with housing

A. classification in sealed form
-J type rubber seal
-H-type dust-proof metal seal
-SL double seal
-L3 three lip seal
-F-type combined seal
-Special multilayer seal
-Bearing end cover seal
-Bearing seat end cover seal

B.Classification by locking nut 
-Eccentric sleeve locking
-set screw locking
-adapter sleeve
-Concentric sleeve locking

C. classification by bearing housing material
-With gray cast iron housing
-With ductile iron housing
-Stamping housing with steel plate
-With stainless steel housing
-With plastic housing
-With rubber housing

Selection of pillow block bearing with housing

The application selection of pillow block bearing with housing shall be based on the application requirements of equipment, with emphasis on speed, load, service environment, etc.
Easier provides the necessary technical information to help select the most suitable bearing products for most applications. Easier can also provide non-standard pillow block bearing with housing.We are always committed to providing one-stop service and product solutions for bearings with seats.

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