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SDAF Split plummer pillow blocks

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Split plummer pillow blocks SDAF series include the SDAF extented range,are heavy duty split plummer block and pillow blocks design for tough operating conditions,where heavy loads and shock loads require a housing that is exceptionally sturdy,all SDAF housing are made to order,there is no stock for this kind housing.
SDAF split plummer blocks and pillow blocks cooperate with spherical roller bearings,sealed spherical roller bearing and CARB toroidal roller bearings,including the 22 series and 23 series,30,31,32 series SDAF housing,typical shaft bearing on an adapter sleeve,or stepped shaft with bearing on a cylindrical seat.labyrinth seals ,contact seals and heavy-duty seals are available, grease lubrication and oil lubrication is accepted according to specific industrial application,materials of SDAF Split plummer blocks and pillow blocks are grey cast iron,ductile iron and cast steel,they are all typically customized to meet the needs of a particular application.
Designation of SDAF Split plummer block and pillow blocks
S Standard pillow blocks
D Heavy-duty series
A inch dimensions
F labyrinth seal

Material of D suffix mean ductile iron,S suffix mean cast steel
T Taconite seal with contact seal or bolt-on taconite seals
TV Taconite seal with V-ring
TA or TVA Taconite seal with button head grease fitting
TB or TVB taconite seal with giant button head grease fitting
Y  One end closed
/VZ special feature 
All SDAF Split plummer block or pillow blocks are robust design 
can accommodate shock loads and heavy loads from any direction,all
SDAF housings have four holes in the base for attachment bolts and tapped
holes in their caps for eye bolts.

Designation of Split plummer block and pillow blocks
SDAF22617 pillow block is SDAF617 pillow block Housing + 22317EK Bearing
SDAF22520 pillow block is SDAF520 pillow block housing + 22220EK Bearing
SDAF22620 pillow block is SDAF620 pillow block housing + 22320EK Bearing
SDAF22622 pillow block is SDAF622 pillow block housing + 22322EK Bearing
SDAF22524 pillow block is SDAF524 pillow block housing + 22224EK Bearing
SDAF22624 pillow block is SDAF624 pillow block housing + 22324CCK/W33 Bearing
SDAF22526 pillow block is SDAF526 pillow block housing + 22226EK Bearing
SDAF22626 pillow block is SDAF626 pillow block housing + 22326CCK/W33 Bearing
SDAF22530 pillow block is SDAF530 pillow block housing + 22230CCK/W33 Bearing
SDAF22532 pillow block is SDAF532 pillow block housing + 22232CCK/W33 Bearing
SDAF22632 pillow block is SDAF632 pillow block housing + 22332CCK/W33 Bearing
SDAF22634 pillow block is SDAF634 pillow block housing + 22334CCK/W33 Bearing
SDAF22536 pillow block is SDAF536 pillow block housing + 22236CCK/W33 Bearing
SDAF22636 pillow block is SDAF636 pillow block housing + 22336CCK/W33 Bearing
SDAF22538 pillow block is SDAF538 pillow block housing + 22238CCK/W33 Bearing
SDAF22638 pillow block is SDAF638 pillow block housing + 22338CCK/W33 Bearing
SDAF22540 pillow block is SDAF540 pillow block housing + 22240CCK/W33 Bearing
SDAF22544 pillow block is SDAF544 pillow block housing + 22244CCK/W33 Bearing
SDAF23248 pillow block is SDAF3248 pillow block housing + 23248CAC/W33 Bearing
SDAF23152 pillow block is SDAF3152 pillow block housing + 23152CAC/W33 Bearing
SDAF23252 pillow block is SDAF3252 pillow block housing + 23252CAC/W33 Bearing
SDAF23156 pillow block is SDAF3156 pillow block housing + 23156CAK/W33 Bearing
SDAF23256 pillow block is SDAF3256 pillow block housing + 23256CAC/W33 Bearing
SDAF23060 pillow block is SDAF3060 pillow block housing + 23060CAC/W33 Bearing
SDAF23160 pillow block is SDAF3160 pillow block housing + 23160CAC/W33 Bearing
SDAF23260 pillow block is SDAF3260 pillow block housing + 23260CAC/W33 Bearing
SDAF23064 pillow block is SDAF3064 pillow block housing + 23064CAC/W33 Bearing
SDAF23164 pillow block is SDAF3164 pillow block housing + 23164CAC/W33 Bearing
SDAF23264 pillow block is SDAF3264 pillow block housing + 23264CAC/W33 Bearing
SDAF23068 pillow block is SDAF3068 pillow block housing + 23068CAC/W33 Bearing
SDAF23168 pillow block is SDAF3168 pillow block housing + 23168CAC/W33 Bearing
SDAF23268 pillow block is SDAF3268 pillow block housing + 23268CAC/W33 Bearing
SDAF23072 pillow block is SDAF3072 pillow block housing + 23072CAC/W33 Bearing
SDAF23172 pillow block is SDAF3172 pillow block housing + 23172CAC/W33 Bearing
SDAF23272 pillow block is SDAF3272 pillow block housing + 23272CAC/W33 Bearing
SDAF23076 pillow block is SDAF3076 pillow block housing + 23076CAC/W33 Bearing
SDAF23176 pillow block is SDAF3176 pillow block housing + 23176CAC/W33 Bearing
SDAF23276 pillow block is SDAF3276 pillow block housing + 23276CAC/W33 Bearing
SDAF23080 pillow block is SDAF3080 pillow block housing + 23080CAC/W33 Bearing
SDAF23180 pillow block is SDAF3180 pillow block housing + 23180CAC/W33 Bearing
SDAF23280 pillow block is SDAF3280 pillow block housing + 23280CAC/W33 Bearing
SDAF23084 pillow block is SDAF3084 pillow block housing + 23084CAC/W33 Bearing
SDAF23184 pillow block is SDAF3184 pillow block housing + 23184CAC/W33 Bearing
SDAF23284 pillow block is SDAF3284 pillow block housing + 23284CAC/W33 Bearing
As the experienced China bearing manufacturer & factory & exporter & supplier, it can supply Original SDAF Split plummer block or pillow blocks ,Our large quantity SDAF Split plummer block or pillow blocks Stock can meet your need for quality wth lowest price and fast delivery.We accepted DHL, FEDEX,TNT express for small order and samples order, also the transportation By AIR or By Sea,by Train are all avaiable.we are sure we can ship SDAF Split plummer block or pillow blocks to your office at the first time.More technical details, please contact with :
E-mail: brandbearings@gmail.com, Skype:brandbearings

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