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The friction of sealed spherical roller bearing

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The friction of sealed spherical roller bearing
Friction is the main cause for sealed spherical roller bearing heating,therefore,its also the key factor to determine the temperature of the bearing.

The friction depends on the load and several the other factors,what is the most important is the dimension and speed of sealed spherical roller bearing,characteristics and volume of the of lubricant,the total resistance when sealed spherical roller bearing rotating,is composed of a rolling and sliding friction between parts,including the contact between the spherical rollers and cage,the friction between guide surface and rollers & cage,and also the friction between lubrication and sliding friction of the contact sealing.when the clearance or alignment error of the sealed spherical roller bearing change,the friction torque would be change also,the sealed spherical roller bearing under high temperature and high speed working situation,internal clearance would be decrease,so the friction would be increase.

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