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XRB China bearing manufacturer spherical roller bearing

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hello,everyone,this is Landry from XRB BEARING CO.,LTD,which is the big and experienced China bearing manufacturer & factory & exporter & supplier, today i introduce XRB spherical roller bearing to all of my customers and friends,as our key products,it consist inner ring,outer ring,rollers and cage,XRB can produce:
single row spherical roller bearings
double-row spherical roller bearings
sealed spherical roller bearings
On the basis of special application,XRB can produce different cage design,
steel cage of spherical roller bearings: E,E1,EAE4,CC/W33,CJ/W33,EJ/W33.CDE4 
brass cage of spherical roller bearings:CA/W33,ECA/W33,M,MB/W33,B-MB, E1A.M, CAE4, CAME4,EAS.M) and Nylon cage:TN1
some famous brand bearing in the world have the same design with XRB bearing,
AND Unfortunately,there are some bearing supplier don't know the diffrent between these 
diffirent suffix number,or they don't want to explain to their customers,for example,customer "A" want spherical roller bearing E cage design,the supplier will sell the CC cage spherical roller bearing to customer "A" instead of E cage bearing,because E cage design is the higher cost and higher technical demand,so i want to say to the bearing importer:please care about your products. 
the sencond instance.when customer "B" want to purchase spherical roller bearing MB cage,some 
supplier will supply the CA cage to Customer A ,or they would cut the CA cage to two pieces 
,so it looks like the MB cage, but actually its different raceway, of course the fake MB cage bearing will be very bad and lowest quality, why they sell the CA cage instead of MB cage,that's becuase CA cage is easy to produce and lower price, these supplier just want one time business and get more benefit. if you got the fake and low quality bearing, it will be very bad economic losses and credit losses from your customers.as you know,what a terrible we loss reputation on the market.
some suffix of XRB spherical roller bearings:
BS2  Double row spherical roller bearing with special dimensions for seals
CA   One-piece machined brass cage of the double-pronged type, retaining flanges on the
         inner ring and guide ring centred on the inner ring.
CAFA Same as CA but with a machined steel cage.
CC   Two, window-type steel cages,flangeless inner ring and guide ring centred on the inner ring
E     d < 65mm, Two window-type steel cages, flangeless inner ring and guide centred on the
        inner ring. When d > 65 mm as above but guide ring centred on the cages
ECA  One-piece machined brass cage of the double-pronged type, retaining flanges on the
       inner ring, guide ring centred on the inner ring and reinforced roller complement
K    1:12 tapered bore
K30  1:30 tapered bore
2CS  Nitrile rubber seals on both sides, bearing filled with medium temp. extreme pressure grease
2CS2 Fluoroelastomer rubber seals on both sides, filled with hi-temp grease*
2CS5 Hydrogenated Acrylonitrile (HNBR) seals on both sides filled with 70-100% of Polyurea
         based hi-temperature grease F Machined steel cage, ring guided
J      Pressed steel cage
JA   Hardened steel cage, ring guided
MA   Machined brass cage outer ring guided
M2   Machined brass roller guided cage no guide ring (Vibrating screens)
Y    Pressed brass cage, ring guided
W    No relubrication feature on E style bearings
W22 Special reduced outside diameter tolerance for outer ring
W26 Six lubrication holes in inner ring
W31 Bearing inspected to special quality requirements
W33 Groove and 3 oil holes in outer ring
W33X Lubrication groove and six holes in outer ring
W4 Hi point of eccentricity marked on inner ring or sleeve
W502 Combination of W22 and W33
W509 W26 + W31 + W33
W513 W26 + W33
HA1  Case hardened outer and inner rings
HA3  Case hardened inner rings (As ECB prefix)
VA405 Vibrating screen specification
VA406 As VA405 with PTFE coated bore
VA406 As VA405 with PTFE coated bore
VE552(E) Three equally spaced threaded holes in face of outer ring for hoisting tackle,
        (E) indicates appropriate lifting eyes supplied
VE553(E) As VE552 but on both side faces.
VA751 / VA759 Both printing press/ coater specifications
VT143   Extreme pressure grease
W64     Solid oil filling
W77     Plugged W33 holes
Each XRB spherical roller bearing is 100% testing before packing,we confirm the quality for XRB brand,we can supply OEM and Customed production service,and also avaiable for different package according to customers demand,to gain more customers and the market. Choose XRB bearing,gain the future.
more information about XRB spherical roller bearing
please visit www.xrbearing.com

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