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How to Import Bearing from China?

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How to Import Bearing from China?

I think that many bearing importers have such questions when they start to purchase bearings in China. They don't know how to find the best supplier. Buyers want the lowest price, the best quality, and the fastest delivery time. And the best service, Its human nature and understandable.

Bearings, as a basic but very important high-precision component, are widely used in vehicles, aerospace, agricultural machinery, processing equipment, etc., and bearings made in China are the most cost-effective, and more and more buyers purchase Chinese bearings , But the country is different, the user is different, the buyer's search is also different, how to choose, how to judge the price, how to determine the quality?


This requires buyers and exporters to have many years of industry experience in bearings. Buyers need to understand the bearing quality requirements (bearing speed, load capacity, noise value, working temperature, working environment, etc.) that they need. Exporters need to be based on the purchaser The bearing parameters provided are confirmed whether it can be produced or provided, whether it can meet the customer's requirements, and the price is calculated, and the delivery date and delivery method are determined with the customer. The purchaser needs to confirm the supplier's ability in the conversation with the exporter. Whether it meets your own requirements, price is of course important, delivery date and service level are equally important.

As a bearing importer who has just started to purchase in China, he needs to confirm that the quality required by himself matches the price of the supplier. Take the deep groove ball bearing 6204 with the largest amount as an example. The buyer's required speed is 3000 rpm. There are several to dozens of different levels of prices from many suppliers. The specific price can meet the requirements. It is necessary to test samples and test the bearing speed, noise value and stability to confirm whether it is suitable.

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The fact is that many purchasers will choose relatively low-priced bearings. After the purchasers get the products, they will give them to the customers. After the customers use them, the products will have quality problems. The customers will return the goods or make claims, which will cause problems for the users and the purchasers. Time, work efficiency and credibility have all caused great losses, so when purchasing bearings, please don't just pay attention to price. You must make a comprehensive judgment on price, quality, delivery date and service before making a choice. You must know that good quality and low price are relative of.

Besides, the quality of the buyer's purchase is not as good as expected, and it will be said that the quality of Chinese bearings is not good. Here, I have been engaged in the export of Chinese bearings in 2005, and I want to say something for Chinese bearings.

With the country's reform and opening up, China's bearing industry has developed to this day. SKF,NSK,FAG,TIMKEN,KOYO,FERSA, PEER,etc. have production bases in China,and international brands have OEM processing plants in China. In addition to these international brands, Chinese brands ZWZ, HRB, C&U, LYC, TKW, NXZ, ZXY, LS, QC,CoatMaster etc.These brands are also gaining more and more market recognition. Therefore, Chinese-made bearings can meet the needs of most industries. Bearing technical problems, we are happy to answer for you, please feel free to contact us, I believe that more and more professional Chinese bearing suppliers can provide you with high-quality bearings, reasonable prices, timely delivery and professional services.

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