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Top 10 Bearing Manufacturer in the World

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Bearing is an important part of modern mechanical equipment. Its main function is to support the mechanical rotating body, reduce its friction coefficient and ensure its rotation accuracy. Bearings are used in all aspects of human activities, from small bicycles, motorcycles, to high load bearing of heavy equipment, or steel plants, cement equipment, trains with high safety factor, or aerospace bearings with high precision, high speed and long life, etc. all the industry applications have different requirements for bearings.

The bearing industry represents the level of manufacturing industry. At present, there are many bearing manufacturers in the world. Most of the high-end bearing manufacturers are in Europe, Japan, the United States, China and other countries and regions. Their enterprises maintain the status of major global bearing suppliers, and their regional priorities in the global market are different.


Among the top ten Bearing Companies in the world, there are five in Japan, two in the United States, two in Germany and one in Sweden, among which SKF of Switzerland is the largest, with annual sales of US $5 billion, accounting for 14.3% of the total global market share;

SKF of Switzerland has an annual sales volume of US $5 billion, accounting for 14.3% of the total global market share. Torrington of the United States has the smallest annual sales volume of US $1 billion, accounting for 2.9% of the total global market share. Although China's total sales of bearings account for 1/5 of the world, the scale of China's largest bearing enterprise is only 8.5% of Torrington in the United States and 1.7% of SKF in Switzerland. It can be seen that China's bearing enterprises are small and medium-sized enterprises to participate in the international market competition.


Basic information of top ten famous Bearing Companies in the world (sorted by sales volume)

Million USD$

corporate name Number of factories Annual sales Net profit Export proportion (%) International market share (%)
1 瑞典 SKF 90 5000 -2.0  96 20
2 日本 NSK 28 4400 -0.3 43 13
3 日本 KOYO 17 3200 -0.1 43 7
4 日本 NTN 27 2900 0.34 45 9
5 日本 NMB 22 2700 0.95 62
6 美国 TIMKEN 24 2400 1.26 21 10
7 德国 FAG 62 2000 0.25 72 10
8 德国 INA 16 1500

9 日本 NACHI 14 1400 0.12 30
10 美国 TORRINGTON 28 1000 7

In Western Europe, South America, Africa and the Middle East, SKF group is the largest bearing supplier, accounting for one third of the market share; In the U.S. market, Timken takes the lead, accounting for 22% of the market share, followed by SKF group and Torrington, accounting for 2% of the market share respectively; In Asia (excluding Japan), SKF group accounts for 17% of the market share; In Japan, NSK is the largest bearing supplier, and SKF group accounts for 2% of the Japanese market; In central and Eastern Europe and China, local bearing factories occupy the main market share.

The Top 10 bearing manufacturer in the world  as follows:

1. SKF's full name is "Svenska kullager fabriken" 

SKF Bearing

Headquarters: Gothenburg, Sweden;

Time of establishment: 1907;

Founder: Sven wingquist;

Production enterprises: 105;

Number of employees: about 38748;

Number of Companies: about 150;

President and CEO: Tom Johnstone

SKF bearings entered China as early as 1912. Now there are many authorized SKF distributors, agents and distributors in China.

SKF's position in the world manufacturing industry: the world's largest bearing manufacturer; SKF Bearing production accounts for 20% of the total production of similar products in the world.

SKF product introduction

SKF provides more than 20000 kinds of standard bearings. In addition to rolling bearings, SKF group also manufactures linear bearings, sliding bearings, bearing boxes, ball and roller screws, textile machinery parts, retainer rings, machine tools and various precision machinery parts. With extensive experience in the above fields, we have the necessary knowledge and expertise to develop, manufacture and apply various advanced engineering products. The smaller is like a miniature bearing weighing only 0.003 grams, and the larger is a giant bearing weighing 34 tons per piece. In addition, SKF also provides a series of bearing maintenance tools, grease and bearing monitoring instruments (SKF Bearing heater, puller, etc.), in order to make bearing users obtain higher benefits and achieve worry free operation.

2.  Full name of FAG: Fischer Aktien Gesellschaft Co., Ltd


Acquired by INA Bearing Company in 2001, it is now affiliated to Schaeffler Group in Germany

Headquarters: schweinfort schweinfort Industrial Zone, Bavaria, Germany

Date of establishment: 1883

Founder: Friedrich Fischer, inventor of ball mill

Total staff of Schaeffler group: 66000

Annual sales: over 8.9 billion euros

FAG bearing China Limited has many authorized agents, distributors, distributors and offices all over the country.


FAG bearing is a high precision precision bearing manufacturer, famous for its high precision and sharp points. Its products are mainly used in machine tool spindle and other industries, especially the most advanced bearing products represented by the new X-life bearing of sheffler, characterized by high speed, high precision and high service life, and is also known all over the world.

3. NSK Ltd


Headquarters: Osaki, Shinagawa, Tokyo, Japan


Time of establishment: 1916

On behalf of the president of banning labor: Chaoxiang Shengyi

Total number of ensk Group employees: 23413

Annual sales: over 717 billion yen

At present, NSK has established a sales network in more than 20 countries and regions around the world, and has more than 50 manufacturing plants.


NSK (China) Sales Co., Ltd. now has a number of authorized agents, distributors and representative offices all over the country.


NSK's position in the world's manufacturing industry: Japan's largest bearing manufacturer, the world's second largest bearing manufacturer, product sales accounted for 13% of the global market share.

4. NTN Bearing Co., Ltd., Japan

 NTN Bearing

Time of establishment: 1918

Headquarters: Western District, Osaka, Japan

Number of employees: more than 12000

Annual sales: 2.05 billion US dollars (related sales: 2.85 billion US dollars)


In Germany, the United States, France, Canada, Australia, Singapore, South Korea and other 12 countries and regions have established R & D institutions or production bases. NTN has established joint ventures in Guangzhou, Shanghai and Zhejiang since 2002.

NTN industry status: one of the three largest bearing enterprises in Japan; One of the world's top 5 comprehensive bearing manufacturers.

Features of NTN bearing

NTN's precision machining technology and unique proprietary technology are accumulated and developed on the basis of long-term development of bearings, and are now widely used in the production of precision machinery for all fields. This is a new sign of the development of NTN, which is constantly creating new values.


All kinds of NTN bearing products are produced by high precision processing and testing technology with 0.01 micron as the unit. From ordinary household appliances requiring both high performance and low cost to aerospace rocket requiring normal bearing function in harsh working environment, NTN bearing has laid the foundation for the development of various industries and machinery.

5.Timken bearing 


Headquarters: Canton, Ohio, USA

Founder: Henry Timken

Founded in 1899

Number of employees: about 27000

Enterprise size: 66 factories in 27 countries


105 sales representative offices, authorized agents, customer service centers and distribution agencies. In 2003, Timken completed the acquisition of Torrington bearing company, built a complete product line of Timken, Torrington and Fafnir, and further consolidated and expanded its leading position in the global bearing manufacturing industry.

Timken's position in the world manufacturing industry:

The third largest bearing manufacturer in the world; The largest bearing manufacturer in North America;

The world's largest tapered roller bearing manufacturer;

Leading global manufacturer of needle roller bearings

6. IKO bearing company of Japan



IKO bearing full name: innovation, know how, and originality means "innovation, technology, creativity"

Date of establishment: 1950

Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan

IKO industry status: Japan's largest needle bearing manufacturing enterprise; One of the world's three largest needle roller bearing manufacturers

7. Koyo Guangyang Bearing Co., Ltd



Koyo bearing Guangyang Seiko Co., Ltd., founded in 1921, has 6557 employees and is subordinate to Jtekt group company.

In Japan, it has eight main production factories in Tokyo, Nara, Yintian, Fengqiao, Takamatsu, Tokushima and Guishan, and several production bases and research institutions in Europe, Asia and North and South America.

Characteristics of Koyo bearing


KOYO produce tens of thousands of high-precision and high-quality Koyo bearing series products, providing important components such as aerospace science and technology, computer components, motors, high-speed trains, MRT trains, industrial machinery, CNC lathes, high-precision processing machines, automobile, locomotive industry, iron and steel industry, etc.

Guangyang bearing industry status: it is a R & D integrated functional product manufacturing company, one of the four major bearing production groups in Japan, with the world's top production and control equipment.

8. Nachi Fuji Bearing Co., Ltd


Company name: Nakhi

Founding date: December 21, 1928

Capital: 13.3 billion yen

Total sales: 144.6 billion yuan (including overseas sales of 45.5 billion yen)

Number of group companies: 48, 28 in Japan and 20 overseas

Group staff: 5350( Including: 2620 people from fujiyue Co., Ltd.)


Features of Nachi bearing

Nachi focuses on creating Quest series of high-performance and high-precision bearings, especially ball screw support bearings, which adopt unique raw materials, heat treatment and processing technology. In order to meet the market demand for high quality and diversified bearings, Nachi products have the advantages of high speed, high load, good endurance performance, low torque, energy saving, low noise, low vibration and self lubrication.

9. INA Bearing 


Headquarters: Herzogenaurach near Nuremberg, Germany,


Time of establishment: 1946,


Founder: Dr. George Schaeffler, R & D of needle roller and cage combination technology


Now, together with FAG bearing company, it belongs to Schaeffler kg group of Germany.


Since its establishment, the company has become a world leader in the field of needle bearing, and soon expanded from the original field of needle bearing to a wide range of product series. At present, Germany INA Bearing Group has more than 30 production plants, more than 30000 employees, all over the world.


INA Bearing product series

Various types of needle bearing, needle roller, inner ring and cage components; Support and curve roller; All kinds of short cylindrical bearings; Bearing with seat; Thrust bearing; Clutch bearing; Combined radial thrust bearing; Full loaded cylindrical roller bearing; All kinds of linear and guide bearings; Special bearings for textile machinery, etc.

Its Glad to talk more about bearing industry. and also China Bearing Industry.

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