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China 6204 bearing manufacturer

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As we know,6204 bearing is the most widely used deep groove ball bearing size,it have many different material and quality,China 6204 bearing manufacturer can manufacturer chrome steel 6204 bearing,carbon steel 6204 bearing,stainless steel 6204 bearing,ceramic 6204 bearing,for the quality,Z1V1 6204 Bearing,Z2V2 6204 bearing,Z3V3 6204 bearing can be supply here in China.

There are many 6204 bearing manufacturer in China,like SKF,NSK,FAG,NTN are all have brach factory and manufacturer in China,and also China local 6204 bearing manufacturer like HRB,ZWZ,C&U,EASIER Bearing,the speed can be 3000r/min to 12000r/min,price will be USD$0.25-USD$1/Pcs,the packing of 6204 bearing can be industrial packing (plastic tube) and single box packing,chamfer of 6204 bearing can be the same with SKF 6204 bearing or FAG 6204 bearing or NSK 6204 Bearing, NTN 6204 Bearing or KOYO 6204 Bearing,XRB as the most professional China 6204 bearing manufacuturer can meet your demand for 6204 bearing.just let us know your specific demand.

China 6204 bearing

Inner ring:20mm
Outer ring:47mm
Width:        14mm
Weight:     0.105kg
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