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Double row sealed spherical roller bearings

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Double row sealed spherical roller bearings
Double row sealed spherical roller bearings usually named sealed spherical roller bearing or sealed self aligning roller bearing,it consist of drum rollers,cage,inner ring,outer ring and sealing,(the cage may be nylon,steel,brass material ,by the way). the most used material of inner & outer ring and rollers are all chrome steel,the sealing fixed on the outer ring of the bearings,can be constitute a self aligning structure with the sealing ring which fixed on the inner ring of the bearings.especially for bearing which centre relative rotational displacement of the outer ring, have self-aligning and sealing function,the sealing are not affected by the relative movement of the inner & outer rings.
Double row sealed spherical roller bearings,as the name suggests,it is one kind of XRB (China bearing manufacturer) spherical roller bearings with sealing,it have the same structure principle and characteristics with self-aligning ball bearings,what are different is the elements,becuase of the feature of ball and rollers,they have different load capacity,they can exchanged each other upon the same capacity and limited speed.

BS2-1314 C 2CS   21314-2RS BS2-1314-2CS   BS2-1314-2CS/VT143 
BS2-1315 C 2CS   21315-2RS BS2-1315-2CS   BS2-1315-2CS/VT143
BS2-1316 C 2CS   21316-2RS BS2-1316-2CS   BS2-1316-2CS/VT143
BS2-1317 C 2CS   21317-2RS BS2-1317-2CS   BS2-1317-2CS/VT143
BS2-1318 C 2CS   21318-2RS BS2-1318-2CS   BS2-1318-2CS/VT143
BS2-1319 C 2CS   21319-2RS BS2-1319-2CS   BS2-1319-2CS/VT143
BS2-1320 C 2CS   21320-2RS BS2-1320-2CS   BS2-1320-2CS/VT143
BS2-1322 C 2CS   21322-2RS BS2-1322-2CS   BS2-1322-2CS/VT143

BS2-2205 C 2CS   22205-2RS BS2-2205-2CS   BS2-2205-2CS/VT143
BS2-2206 C 2CS   22206-2RS BS2-2206-2CS   BS2-2206-2CS/VT143
BS2-2207 C 2CS   22207-2RS BS2-2207-2CS   BS2-2207-2CS/VT143
BS2-2208 C 2CS   22208-2RS BS2-2208-2CS   BS2-2208-2CS/VT143
BS2-2209 C 2CS   22209-2RS BS2-2209-2CS   BS2-2209-2CS/VT143
BS2-2210 C 2CS   22210-2RS BS2-2210-2CS   BS2-2210-2CS/VT143
BS2-2211 C 2CS   22211-2RS BS2-2211-2CS   BS2-2211-2CS/VT143
BS2-2212 C 2CS   22212-2RS BS2-2212-2CS   BS2-2212-2CS/VT143
BS2-2213 C 2CS   22213-2RS BS2-2213-2CS   BS2-2213-2CS/VT143
BS2-2214 C 2CS   22214-2RS BS2-2214-2CS   BS2-2214-2CS/VT143
BS2-2215 C 2CS   22215-2RS BS2-2215-2CS   BS2-2215-2CS/VT143
BS2-2216 C 2CS   22216-2RS BS2-2216-2CS   BS2-2216-2CS/VT143
BS2-2217 C 2CS   22217-2RS BS2-2217-2CS   BS2-2217-2CS/VT143
BS2-2218 C 2CS   22218-2RS BS2-2218-2CS   BS2-2218-2CS/VT143
BS2-2219 C 2CS   22219-2RS BS2-2219-2CS   BS2-2219-2CS/VT143
BS2-2220 C 2CS   22220-2RS BS2-2220-2CS   BS2-2220-2CS/VT143
BS2-2222 C 2CS   22222-2RS BS2-2222-2CS   BS2-2222-2CS/VT143
BS2-2224 C 2CS   22224-2RS BS2-2224-2CS   BS2-2224-2CS/VT143
BS2-2226 C 2CS   22226-2RS BS2-2226-2CS   BS2-2226-2CS/VT143
BS2-2228 C 2CS   22228-2RS BS2-2228-2CS   BS2-2228-2CS/VT143
BS2-2230 C 2CS   22230-2RS BS2-2230-2CS   BS2-2230-2CS/VT143
BS2-2232 C 2CS   22232-2RS BS2-2232-2CS   BS2-2232-2CS/VT143
BS2-2234 C 2CS   22234-2RS BS2-2234-2CS   BS2-2234-2CS/VT143
BS2-2236 C 2CS   22236-2RS BS2-2236-2CS   BS2-2236-2CS/VT143
BS2-2238 C 2CS   22238-2RS BS2-2238-2CS   BS2-2238-2CS/VT143
BS2-2240 C 2CS   22240-2RS BS2-2240-2CS   BS2-2240-2CS/VT143

BS2-2308 C 2CS   22308-2RS BS2-2308-2CS   BS2-2308-2CS/VT143
BS2-2309 C 2CS   22309-2RS BS2-2309-2CS   BS2-2309-2CS/VT143
BS2-2310 C 2CS   22310-2RS BS2-2310-2CS   BS2-2310-2CS/VT143
BS2-2311 C 2CS   22311-2RS BS2-2311-2CS   BS2-2311-2CS/VT143
BS2-2312 C 2CS   22312-2RS BS2-2312-2CS   BS2-2312-2CS/VT143
BS2-2313 C 2CS   22313-2RS BS2-2313-2CS   BS2-2313-2CS/VT143
BS2-2314 C 2CS   22314-2RS BS2-2314-2CS   BS2-2314-2CS/VT143
BS2-2315 C 2CS   22315-2RS BS2-2315-2CS   BS2-2315-2CS/VT143
BS2-2316 C 2CS   22316-2RS BS2-2316-2CS   BS2-2316-2CS/VT143
BS2-2317 C 2CS   22317-2RS BS2-2317-2CS   BS2-2317-2CS/VT143
BS2-2318 C 2CS   22318-2RS BS2-2318-2CS   BS2-2318-2CS/VT143
BS2-2319 C 2CS   22319-2RS BS2-2319-2CS   BS2-2319-2CS/VT143
BS2-2320 C 2CS   22320-2RS BS2-2320-2CS   BS2-2320-2CS/VT143
BS2-2322 C 2CS   22322-2RS BS2-2322-2CS   BS2-2322-2CS/VT143
BS2-2324 C 2CS   22324-2RS BS2-2324-2CS   BS2-2324-2CS/VT143
BS2-2326 C 2CS   22326-2RS BS2-2326-2CS   BS2-2326-2CS/VT143
BS2-2328 C 2CS   22328-2RS BS2-2328-2CS   BS2-2328-2CS/VT143
BS2-2330 C 2CS   22330-2RS BS2-2330-2CS   BS2-2330-2CS/VT143
BS2-2332 C 2CS   22332-2RS BS2-2332-2CS   BS2-2332-2CS/VT143
BS2-2334 C 2CS   22334-2RS BS2-2334-2CS   BS2-2334-2CS/VT143
BS2-2336 C 2CS   22336-2RS BS2-2336-2CS   BS2-2336-2CS/VT143

BS2-3020 C 2CS   23020-2RS BS2-3020-2CS   BS2-3020-2CS/VT143
BS2-3022 C 2CS   23022-2RS BS2-3022-2CS   BS2-3022-2CS/VT143
BS2-3024 C 2CS   23024-2RS BS2-3024-2CS   BS2-3024-2CS/VT143
BS2-3026 C 2CS   23026-2RS BS2-3026-2CS   BS2-3026-2CS/VT143
BS2-3028 C 2CS   23028-2RS BS2-3028-2CS   BS2-3028-2CS/VT143
BS2-3030 C 2CS   23030-2RS BS2-3030-2CS   BS2-3030-2CS/VT143
BS2-3032 C 2CS   23032-2RS BS2-3032-2CS   BS2-3032-2CS/VT143
BS2-3034 C 2CS   23034-2RS BS2-3034-2CS   BS2-3034-2CS/VT143
BS2-3036 C 2CS   23036-2RS BS2-3036-2CS   BS2-3036-2CS/VT143
BS2-3038 C 2CS   23038-2RS BS2-3038-2CS   BS2-3038-2CS/VT143
BS2-3040 C 2CS   23040-2RS BS2-3040-2CS   BS2-3040-2CS/VT143

BS2-3118 C 2CS   23118-2RS BS2-3118-2CS   BS2-3118-2CS/VT143
BS2-3120 C 2CS   23120-2RS BS2-3120-2CS   BS2-3120-2CS/VT143
BS2-3122 C 2CS   23122-2RS BS2-3122-2CS   BS2-3122-2CS/VT143
BS2-3124 C 2CS   23124-2RS BS2-3124-2CS   BS2-3124-2CS/VT143
BS2-3126 C 2CS   23126-2RS BS2-3126-2CS   BS2-3126-2CS/VT143
BS2-3128 C 2CS   23128-2RS BS2-3128-2CS   BS2-3128-2CS/VT143
BS2-3130 C 2CS   23130-2RS BS2-3130-2CS   BS2-3130-2CS/VT143
BS2-3132 C 2CS   23132-2RS BS2-3132-2CS   BS2-3132-2CS/VT143
BS2-3134 C 2CS   23134-2RS BS2-3134-2CS   BS2-3134-2CS/VT143
BS2-3136 C 2CS   23136-2RS BS2-3136-2CS   BS2-3136-2CS/VT143
BS2-3138 C 2CS   23138-2RS BS2-3138-2CS   BS2-3138-2CS/VT143
BS2-3140 C 2CS   23140-2RS BS2-3140-2CS   BS2-3140-2CS/VT143

BS2-3218 C 2CS   23218-2RS BS2-3218-2CS   BS2-3218-2CS/VT143
BS2-3220 C 2CS   23220-2RS BS2-3220-2CS   BS2-3220-2CS/VT143
BS2-3222 C 2CS   23222-2RS BS2-3222-2CS   BS2-3222-2CS/VT143
BS2-3224 C 2CS   23224-2RS BS2-3224-2CS   BS2-3224-2CS/VT143
BS2-3226 C 2CS   23226-2RS BS2-3226-2CS   BS2-3226-2CS/VT143
BS2-3228 C 2CS   23228-2RS BS2-3228-2CS   BS2-3228-2CS/VT143
BS2-3230 C 2CS   23230-2RS BS2-3230-2CS   BS2-3230-2CS/VT143
BS2-3232 C 2CS   23232-2RS BS2-3232-2CS   BS2-3232-2CS/VT143
BS2-3234 C 2CS   23234-2RS BS2-3234-2CS   BS2-3234-2CS/VT143
BS2-3236 C 2CS   23236-2RS BS2-3236-2CS   BS2-3236-2CS/VT143
BS2-3238 C 2CS   23238-2RS BS2-3238-2CS   BS2-3238-2CS/VT143
BS2-3240 C 2CS   23240-2RS BS2-3240-2CS   BS2-3240-2CS/VT143

BS2-4020 C 2CS   24020-2RS BS2-4020-2CS   BS2-4020-2CS/VT143
BS2-4022 C 2CS   24022-2RS BS2-4022-2CS   BS2-4022-2CS/VT143
BS2-4024 C 2CS   24024-2RS BS2-4024-2CS   BS2-4024-2CS/VT143
BS2-4026 C 2CS   24026-2RS BS2-4026-2CS   BS2-4026-2CS/VT143
BS2-4028 C 2CS   24028-2RS BS2-4028-2CS   BS2-4028-2CS/VT143
BS2-4030 C 2CS   24030-2RS BS2-4030-2CS   BS2-4030-2CS/VT143
BS2-4032 C 2CS   24032-2RS BS2-4032-2CS   BS2-4032-2CS/VT143
BS2-4034 C 2CS   24034-2RS BS2-4034-2CS   BS2-4034-2CS/VT143
BS2-4036 C 2CS   24036-2RS BS2-4036-2CS   BS2-4036-2CS/VT143
BS2-4038 C 2CS   24038-2RS BS2-4038-2CS   BS2-4038-2CS/VT143
BS2-4040 C 2CS   24040-2RS BS2-4040-2CS   BS2-4040-2CS/VT143

BS2-4122 C 2CS   24122-2RS BS2-4022-2CS   BS2-4022-2CS/VT143
BS2-4124 C 2CS   24124-2RS BS2-4024-2CS   BS2-4024-2CS/VT143
BS2-4126 C 2CS   24126-2RS BS2-4026-2CS   BS2-4026-2CS/VT143
BS2-4128 C 2CS   24128-2RS BS2-4028-2CS   BS2-4028-2CS/VT143
BS2-4130 C 2CS   24130-2RS BS2-4030-2CS   BS2-4030-2CS/VT143
BS2-4132 C 2CS   24132-2RS BS2-4032-2CS   BS2-4032-2CS/VT143

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