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How to extend the sealed spherical roller bearings service life

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The sealed spherical roller bearing is running good or not,directly affect the machinery and  equipment operation,when we use sealed spherical roller bearings,which factors cause the bearing damaged,let us analysis these 4 point as follows:

1.improper installation of the sealed spherical roller bearing
  A:when installate the sealed spherical roller bearings,direct hit with hammer harm the bearing seriesly. it can be cause deformated of the bearings
  B:Didnot install the bearing position,causing bearing clearance is too small,inner ring and outer ring is not the same center of rotation,so in different centre.
So XRB(China Bearing manufacturer) suggest: choose proper or prefessional bearing installation tools,and use special detection equipment after installation.

2. Poor lubrication
As the survey,poor lubrication is one of the main reason for premature bearing damage,didnot lubricant on time,Lubricants are filling in wrong place,choose the wrong lubricant,wrong lubrications.
Solution:choose the right lubrication oil or grease,skill engineer filling the lubricant.
3. Fatigue
Fatigue damage is a common way of damage,for example the long term overload operation,
     no maintenance on time,improper maintenance,aging equipment,etc.
Solution: maintenance on time,change the fatigue bearings

So thus can extend the service life of sealed spherical roller bearings

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