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Maintenance of split plummer block housings

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Split plummer block housings are made of Cast iron,Cast steel,stainless steel,Zinc alloy,plastic materials,this housing need to pay more attension for some points when it operations.

1.the use of split plummer block housings cooling system.

The split plummer block housings cooling water not only prolongs the service life of the housing when used properly,But also improve production efficiency,The materials of the bearing housings are generally made of special-purpose bearing steel produced by various treatments,No matter how good the bearing steel also have their use of the limit,Such as temperature,when the split plummer block housings working,if the mold temperature is too high, it is easy to make the core surface turtle cracks appear early,Some of the bearing seat has not even more than 2000 times the turtle cracks on a large area.Even in the production of bearing housing because the temperature is too high core module has changed color,After measurement and even reached more than 400 degrees,So that the temperature encountered again in the state of mold release agent chill is prone to turtle cracks,The production of the product is also easy to deformation, strain, sticky mold and so on.The use of bearing cooling water can greatly reduce the use of release agent, so the operator will not use the release agent to reduce the bearing temperature.The advantage is to effectively extend the life of the split plummer block housing, save casting cycle, improve product quality, reduce sticky mold and sticky aluminum and sticky situation, reduce the use of release agent. But also reduce the overheating of the bearing seat caused by mandrel and core loss.

2.The split plummer block housings must be preheated during start-up

  To prevent the cold bearing seat suddenly encountered a hot metal liquid which led to the emergence of turtle cracks,More complex bearing can be used torch, liquefied gas, good condition with the mold temperature, relatively simple bearing can be used to slow preheat shot.

3.The clearance of the split plummer block housings sub-surface,
  which is very trouble thing it is easy to overlook, the operator must clean the split plummer block housings completely again, not only can prevent the chock will not be crushed, and after cleaning , but also residue or other dirt plug the exhaust slot open, conducive to the process of injection of gas in the cavity to improve product quality.

4.If the split plummer block housings is equipped with neutron control, the attention of the absolute prohibition of die-casting machine and the split plummer block housings between the signal line connector phenomenon, the reason is very clear in daily production, it is difficult to avoid the signal line water, or the connector bandaged The local easy to break, resulting in short-circuit with the machine, if the resulting signal error, ranging from automatic alarm delay time delay, while the signal is disordered, the top bearing bad. Resulting in unnecessary losses. Travel switch attention to waterproof.

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