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Non-split plummer block housing and pillow block housing SBD series

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SBD Plummer block housings and pillow block housing are non-split housings designed to accommodate heavy loads acting in different directions,this type of load is typically encountered in conveyors,roller beds and crushers,highly reliable spherical roller bearings and CARB toroidal roller bearings can be designed using SBD housing together, in conveyors,SBD housing are often used together.
Suffix of SBD non-split plummer block housings
SBD Standard non-split plummer block housing
D spheroidal graphite cast iron
S cast steel
C grey cast iron
- housing for bearings on an adapter sleeve and a plain shaft
C SBD Housing for bearings on an adapter sleeve and a stepped shaft
E SBD housing for bearings on a cylindrical seat and a stepped shaft
G SBD housing for bearing on a cylindrical seat and a multi-stepped shaft
A Housing for shaft end ,one side closed
B housing for a through shaft
F Housing for the locating bearing position
L Housing for the non-locating bearing position
SBD plummer block housings consist of a housing body with six or eight bolts,SBD Housing are supplied with different covers depending on the shaft-bearing combination.SBD housings are avaiable in two designs,depending on the housing size,the main difference is the holes for the attachment bolts,one design has cast oblong holes,the other has drilled holes,other design differences include the overall shape of the housing and the thickness of the reinforcement ribs.
SBD Plummer block housings provide a highly degree of stiffness and can accommodate heavy radial loads in all directions,and the housings are narrow and can be used where space is limited.SBD Housings have machined base ends to make alignment easier and provide good contact with stops when stops are used to accommodate loads parallel to the support surface.
Designation of SBD Plummer block housing for bearing on an adapter sleeve
SBDD2213 housing with 22213EK Bearing
SBDD2218 housing with 22218EK Bearing
SBDD2220 housing with 22220EK Bearing
SBDD2222 housing with 22222EK Bearing
SBDD3122 housing with 23122CCK/W33 Bearing
SBDD3222 housing with 23222CCK/W33 Bearing
SBDD3024 housing with 23024CCK/W33 Bearing
SBDD3124 housing with 23124CCK/W33 Bearing
SBDD2224 housing with 22224CCK/W33 Bearing
SBDD3224 housing with 23224CCK/W33 Bearing
SBDD3028 housing with 23028CCK/W33 Bearing
SBDD3128 housing with 23128CCK/W33 Bearing
SBDD2228 housing with 22228CCK/W33 Bearing
SBDD3228 housing with 23228CCK/W33 Bearing
SBDD3030 housing with 23030CCK/W33 Bearing
SBDD3130 housing with 23130CCK/W33 Bearing
SBDD2230 housing with 22230CCK/W33 Bearing
SBDD3230 housing with 23230CCK/W33 Bearing
SBDD3032 housing with 23032CCK/W33 Bearing
SBDD3132 housing with 23132CCK/W33 Bearing
SBDD2232 housing with 22232CCK/W33 Bearing
SBDD3232 housing with 23232CCK/W33 Bearing
SBDD3034 housing with 23034CCK/W33 Bearing
SBDD3134 housing with 23134CCK/W33 Bearing
SBDD3234 housing with 23234CCK/W33 Bearing
SBDD2234 housing with 22234CCK/W33 Bearing
SBDD3036 housing with 23036CCK/W33 Bearing
SBDD3136 housing with 23136CCK/W33 Bearing
SBDD2236 housing with 22236CCK/W33 Bearing
SBDD3236 housing with 23236CCK/W33 Bearing
SBDD3038 housing with 23038CCK/W33 Bearing
SBDD3138 housing with 23138CCK/W33 Bearing
SBDD3238 housing with 23238CCK/W33 Bearing
SBDD2238 housing with 22238CCK/W33 Bearing
SBDD3040 housing with 23040CCK/W33 Bearing
SBDD3140 housing with 23140CCK/W33 Bearing
SBDD3240 housing with 23240CCK/W33 Bearing
SBDD2240 housing with 22240CCK/W33 Bearing
SBDD3048 housing with 23048CCK/W33 Bearing
SBDD3148 housing with 23148CCK/W33 Bearing
SBDD3248 housing with 23248CCK/W33 Bearing
SBDD2248 housing with 22248CCK/W33 Bearing
SBDD3052 housing with 23052CCK/W33 Bearing
SBDD3152 housing with 23152CCK/W33 Bearing
SBDD3252 housing with 23252CCK/W33 Bearing
SBDD2252 housing with 22252CCK/W33 Bearing
SBDD3056 housing with 23056CCK/W33 Bearing
SBDD3156 housing with 23156CCK/W33 Bearing
SBDD3256 housing with 23256CCK/W33 Bearing
SBDD2256 housing with 22256CCK/W33 Bearing
SBDD3060 housing with 23060CCK/W33 Bearing
SBDD3160 housing with 23160CCK/W33 Bearing
SBDD3260 housing with 23260CCK/W33 Bearing
SBDD2260 housing with 22260CCK/W33 Bearing
SBDD3064 housing with 23064CCK/W33 Bearing
SBDD3164 housing with 23164CCK/W33 Bearing
SBDD3264 housing with 23264CCK/W33 Bearing
SBDD2264 housing with 22264CCK/W33 Bearing
SBDD3068 housing with 23068CCK/W33 Bearing
SBDD3168 housing with 23168CCK/W33 Bearing
SBDD3268 housing with 23268CCK/W33 Bearing
SBDD3072 housing with 23072CCK/W33 Bearing
SBDD3172 housing with 23172CCK/W33 Bearing
SBDD3272 housing with 23272CAK/W33 Bearing
SBDD3076 housing with 23076CCK/W33 Bearing
SBDD3176 housing with 23176CAK/W33 Bearing
SBDD3276 housing with 23276CAK/W33 Bearing
SBDD3080 housing with 23080CCK/W33 Bearing
SBDD3180 housing with 23180CAK/W33 Bearing
SBDD3280 housing with 23280CAK/W33 Bearing
SBDD3084 housing with 23084CAK/W33 Bearing
SBDD3184 housing with 23184CAK/W33 Bearing
SBDD3284 housing with 23284CAK/W33 Bearing
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