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SKF Electrically insulated bearing for power generating motor machinery

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  SKF   electrically insulated bearings   has a long and extensive experience in the motor industry and most industries using motor bearings. In this highly competitive industry, SKF’s extensive knowledge has been used to develop various types of motor bearing solutions to meet the growing needs of motor bearing users in improving quality, shortening delivery times, reducing noise levels, and improving technical support. . At the same time SKF can also provide some special motor bearings to meet specific applications. Just like SKF electrically insulated bearings.

SKF electrically insulated bearing are widely used in many kinds of industry, Motors, generators and related equipment are in danger when current passes through the bearings. This not only damages the contact surfaces of the rolling elements and raceways in the bearing (electrical corrosion), but also quickly degrades the grease. Another additional risk comes from high-frequency currents in motors and generators, which can form a loop through the parasitic capacitance inherent in the device. Increased risk of damage if frequency converter is used.

SKF Electrically insulated bearings:

— Designed to prevent current from flowing through the bearing

— The outer surface of their inner or outer ring is coated with an insulated alumina layer, and a sophisticated plasma spray process is applied to obtain an excellent quality finish.

— A very cost-effective solution compared to other insulation methods

Characteristics of SKF insulated bearings

  1. Resistant to electrical corrosion

By integrating insulation performance into the bearing, SKF electrically insulated bearings can improve reliability and increase machine uptime by actually eliminating the problem of electrical corrosion

  1. High resistance

Alumina coating has a minimum resistance of 200MΩ and can withstand voltages up to 3000 V DC

3.Stable electrical performance

Plasma spraying is usually hygroscopic and therefore easily susceptible to condensation and infiltration. To prevent this effect, Electrically insulated bearings are treated with a unique sealant.


Series of electrically insulated bearing

The standard scope of supply of insulated bearings includes the most common sizes and variants of bearings:

  • Single-row deep groove ball bearings

  • Single-row cylindrical roller bearings

In addition to the standard classification, SKF can also provide special INSOCOAT bearings and bearing units with complex ring geometries such as:

— Flanged tapered roller bearings

— Traction motor bearing unit

CoatMaster as the China Bearing Manufacturer, it focus on Research & develop the Electrically Insulated Bearing since 2009, Through 10 years learning from SKF, FAG, NSK Such top quality Bearing manufacturer, CoatMaster Mastered the core technology of insulation technology and the quality of Electrically insulated bearing reached the world class quality level and save the cost for the insulated bearings end-user. its quality are proved by our regular customers on the market.

It not only can produce the top quality Insulated deep groove ball bearings, insulated cylindrical roller bearing, insulated tapered roller bearings, but also the inuslated spherical roller bearing, insulated spherical roller thrust bearings, insulated angular contact ball bearings, insulated linear motion bearing, insulated self-aliging ball bearings, Hybrid ceramic bearing etc. CoatMaster would like to supply the complete bearing industry solution for Electrical Motor of Railways,Industrial electric motors & generators,Wind energy,Construction,Industrial pumps.

TKW Focuses On the Development and Manufacturing of General and Non-Standard Rolling bearings

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