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Spherical roller bearing lubrication

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Spherical roller bearing need to be lubricated to operate stable and keep the smooth rolling between the raceway and the rollers and the cage,thus it will be decrease the friction of the metals,the lubrication also can keep the surfaces of the spherical roller bearing against corrosion,how to choose the proper lubrition,its very important work,let talk about it.
Spherical roller bearing lubrication have so much brand and grade of grease,oils and more the other materials,so its very important to select a right method for lubrication,its according to the spherical roller bearing application's working condition,for example the speed or operating temperature,and the applications also affect  the selection process like vibration and loads demand.
Spherical roller bearing have their special design for lubrication, one lubrication groove and three lubrication hole on the outer ring,or lubrication holes on the inner ring,spherical roller bearing usually used the lubrication oil,now let's compare with the grease and oil.
Spherical roller bearing grease lubrication can reach 65 percent-80percent of the Oil lubrications for limiting speed,the oil lubrication can release the heat when the bearing working.its very complex when change the grease than oil. normally ,when the bearing operation under 50 degree and little dust we suggest change the oil 1time per year,but if the oil temperature above 100 degree,it must be changed within 3months,and its forbidden to use diffent brand oil work together.

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