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Split plummer block housings for Converters in steel making SKND Series

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Split plummer block housings for Converters in steel making SKND Series
SKND split plummer block housings are robust housings,specially designed to with stand the harsh operating conditions surrounding LD and AOD converters,whether manufacturing LD or AOD converters, the design of each component used to support the trunnion ring is driven by the challenges of contamination,heavy radial loads,misalignment and the induced axial loads that result from expansion and contraction of the trunion ring solution, which consists of the unique XRB self-aligning bearing system, conbined with a re-designed housing and seals,the total trunion solution avoids induced axial loads,eliminating the need for additional components,SKND split plummer block housing usually working with spherical roller bearing,split spherical roller bearings, CARB toroidal roller bearings,as well as the seals and lubrications,the material of SKND split plummer block housings are made of spheroidal graphite cast iron,this SKND converter housings are split plummer block housings consisting of a cap and base and split housing covers and seal covers on each side, the base has four bosses that have been drilled and spotfaced to provide a flat surface for washers and attachment bolts
these are three basic housing variants
Housing for locating bearings suffix F
Housing for non-locating spherical roller bearings suffix L
Housing for non-locating CARB toroidal roller bearings suffix VC
SKND split plummer block housings for the locating bearing position are initially mounted with non-split spherical roller bearings but due to downtime costs,the original bearing are replaced by split spherical roller bearings, for this reason,SKND F converter housings are equipped with spacers that are initially mounted on each side of the bearing inner ring,then when the bearing needs to be replaced,a split spherical roller bearing,which has a wider inner ring than the original ,can be mounted without any modifications to the housing,before you ordered SKND plummer block housing for Converters,please contact with XRB service team.
Designation of SKND plummer block housing for Converters with bearings
SKND30/530F Housing + 230/530CA/C3W33 bearing
SKND30/530VC Housing + C30/530M/VB569 bearing
SKND30/600F Housing + 230/600CA/C3W33 bearing
SKND30/600VC Housing + C30/600M/VB569 bearing
SKND30/670F Housing + 230/670CA/C3W33 bearing
SKND30/670VC Housing + C30/670M/VB569 bearing
SKND49/710F Housing + 249/710CA/C3W33 bearing
SKND49/710VC Housing + C49/710MB1/VB569 bearing
SKND49/710L Housing + 249/710CA/W33VL017 bearing
SKND49/750F Housing + 249/750CA/C3W33 bearing
SKND49/750VC Housing + C49/750MB1/VB569 bearing
SKND49/750L Housing + 249/750CA/C3W33VL017 bearing
SKND49/800F Housing + 249/800CA/C3W33 bearing
SKND49/800VC Housing + C49/800MB1/VB569 bearing
SKND49/800L Housing + 249/800CA/W33VL017 bearing
SKND49/850F Housing + 249/850CA/C3W33 bearing
SKND49/850VC Housing + C49/850MB1/VB569 bearing
SKND49/850L Housing + 249/850CA/W33VL017 bearing
SKND49/900F Housing + 249/900CA/C3W33 bearing
SKND49/900VC Housing + C49/900MB1/VB569 bearing
SKND49/900L Housing + 249/900CA/W33VL017 bearing
SKND49/950F Housing + 249/950CA/C3W33 bearing
SKND49/950VC Housing + C49/950MB1/VB569 bearing
SKND49/950L Housing + 249/950CA/W33VL017 bearing
SKND49/1000F Housing + 249/1000CAF/C3W33 bearing
SKND49/1000VC Housing + C49/1000MB1/VB569 bearing
SKND49/1000L Housing + 249/1000CAF/W33VL017 bearing
SKND49/1060F Housing + 249/1060CAF/C3W33 bearing
SKND49/1060VC Housing + C49/1060MB1/VB569 bearing
SKND49/1060L Housing + 249/1060CAF/W33VL017 bearing
SKND49/1120F Housing + 249/1120CAF/C3W33 bearing
SKND49/1120VC Housing + C49/1120MB1/VB569 bearing
SKND49/1120L Housing + 249/1120CAF/W33VL017 bearing
SKND49/1180F Housing + 249/1180CAF/C3W33 bearing
SKND49/1180VC Housing + C49/1180MB1/VB569 bearing
SKND49/1180L Housing + 249/1180CAF/W33VL017 bearing
XRB as the biggest Plummer block housing supplier and China bearing manufacturer, it can supply the best solution for SKND split plummer block housings and the bearings according to their specific applications.,it can supply Original SKND split plummer block housings,Our large quantity SKND split plummer block housings Stock can meet your need with lowest price and fast delivery.
We accepted DHL,FEDEX,TNT express for small order and samples order,also the transportation By AIR or By Sea,by Train are all avaiable.we are sure we can ship our SKND split plummer block housings to your office at the first time.More technical details,please contact with :
E-mail: brandbearings@gmail.com, Skype:brandbearings

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