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Storage of sealed spherical roller bearing

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Storage of sealed spherical roller bearing
If all the required conditions can be met,under standard storage,sealed spherical roller bearing can be kept 5years,otherwise its necessary to shorten the storage period of the bearing.
If it exceeds the allowable storage period,it is recommended to check the reserve situation and corrosion of the sealed spherical roller bearing before installation.XRB(China bearing manufacturer) can help our customers to determine the risk of long time storage or use the old sealed spherical roller bearing.under some special conditions, after some special processing,the bearing storage period would be more longer or shorter than standard.
Sealed spherical roller bearing should be used when close to the storage period as ealier as possible, because if the grease of the bearing was old enough,its physical and chemical properties will be change,even though it can keep its functions,its safety factor has been reduced.

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