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Why spherical roller bearing failure

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When the machine operation,sometimes the spherical roller bearing failure,its very big trouble ,before the spherical roller bearing failure,it usually become very hot of the bearing,there are many cause bearing overheating,so we need to inspect the reason step by step,at the first time we need to check if the machine problem,sometimes because of its parts,for example the tolerance of the parts,the concentricity problem of the house,cover,shaft ect.,maybe its very tight between inner ring and outer ring,and also maybe the installation of the unit,let us see some reasons make the spherical roller bearing failure.

1.Spherical roller bearing was broken,so it must be changed new .

2.Low lubrication or much more iron filings and impurities exist,bearing grease should not exceed the capacity 70 percent of the total volume,if the dust existed in the raceway of the spherical roller bearing,it should be change new one,low quality lubrication grease or bad bearing maintenance cause the lubrication grease failure

3.Shaft and spherical roller bearing working together too tight or loose,so we need to re grinding if too tight,if too loose,engineer need to add a bush for the spherical roller bearing.

4.Spherical roller bearing and the cover operate too tight or too loose,so we have to precess the bearing house if too tight,or add a sleeve for the cover if too loose.

5.The cover of the motor ends or cover of the bearing is defective assembly,make sure the cover of the bearing is assembly well

6.Belt too tight or poor coupling assembly,adjust the tension of the belt,correct the coupling.

7.Too little lubrication oil of spherical roller bearing,dust exist or oil ring plugging,so we need to increase the oil,change new lubrication oil,repair or change oil ring.

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