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High Precision Angular Contact Thrust Bearings for Spindle Double Direction

  • BTW 50 CTN9/SP

Angular contact thrust ball bearings are also one kind of thrust bearings,  This type of thrust bearing can be used to bear shaft and radial joint loads mainly bearing axial load, but it has higher precision, higher speed and lower noise than ordinary thrust bearings. So it mainly used in machine tools where need high precision and high speed.

Double direction thrust angular contact ball bearings are designed for bidirectional axial positioning of the spindle shaft. These bearings are combined with cylindrical roller bearings in the NN 30 K or N 10 K series and are mounted in the same housing bore. This bearing combination simplifies the machining of the housing bore.

The nominal inner and outer diameters of double direction thrust angular contact ball bearings are the same as the corresponding cylindrical roller bearings. However, the combination of the outer diameter tolerance of the raceway and the recommended housing bore diameter and shape and position tolerances (housing tolerances under standard conditions) for super-precision cylindrical roller bearings allows the housing bore to have an appropriate radial clearance. This clearance is sufficient to prevent thrust bearings from being subjected to radial loads if the outer ring is not axially compressed in the housing.

TKW offers double direction thrust angular contact ball bearings in two designs. Bearings in the BTM and BTW series have the same bore and outside diameter, but bearings height in the BTM series are 25% lower, making them particularly suitable for compact arrangements. They do not have the same high load carrying capacity and axial rigidity as bearings in the BTW series, but can operate at higher speeds.

BTW double direction thrust angular contact ball bearings

-- Consists of two single row thrust angular contact ball bearings with a contact angle of 60 degrees, designed back-to-back. This arrangement, combined with the multi-ball design, allows the bearing to accommodate high axial loads in both directions and provides high system rigidity.

-- Provides maximum load carrying capacity and system rigidity

-- Shaft diameters from 35 to 200 mm

--  Separate

-- When the shaft rings are compressed together, it has a preload within the preset range

-- Steel ball or ceramic ball can be provided.

-- According to the order requirements, the ring groove and three lubricating holes can be supplied on the seat ring (the model suffix is W33).

-- On request, a large bore design is available for mounting directly adjacent to the large diameter end of a cylindrical roller bearing with a tapered bore (e.g. BTW 60 CATN9/SP)

High-speed design bearings, BTM series

-- Consist of two non-separable single row angular contact ball bearings arranged back-to-back

-- Offer maximum speed capability

-- Are available for shaft diameters from 60 to 180 mm

--Are designed to accommodate axial loads in both directions

-- Have a resulting preload within a predetermined range when the inner rings are pressed together

--Available either with steel balls or ceramic balls (Hybrid bearings)

-- Are available with two different contact angles:

-- A 30° contact angle, designation suffix A

-- A 40° contact angle, designation suffix B

Bearings with a 30° contact angle can accommodate higher speeds while bearings with a 40° contact angle are more suitable for applications that require a higher degree of axial rigidity.

According to the ISO standard, BTM series bearings are radial bearings because they have a 30° or 40° contact angle. However, since these bearings are only intended to accommodate axial loads

Bearings in the BTW series are fitted as standard with the following cages:

· D ≤ 130 mm: two glass fibre reinforced PA66 cages, snap-type, ball centred, designation suffix TN9

· D ≥ 140 mm: two machined brass cages, snap-type, ball centred, designation suffix M

Bearings in the BTM series are fitted as standard with the following cages:

· D ≤ 130 mm: two glass fibre reinforced PA66 cages, window-type, ball centred, designation suffix TN9

· D ≥ 140 mm: two machined brass cages, window-type, ball centred, designation suffix M

The cages enable the preloaded bearings to run reliably at high speeds and to withstand rapid starts and stops as well as alternating loads. They also provide good grease retention.

Hybrid Ceramic Bearings

Hybrid ceramic angular contact thrust ball bearings (designation suffix HC) have chrome steel rings and rolling elements made of bearing grade silicon nitride (ceramic). Due to the lower weight, higher modulus of elasticity and lower coefficient of thermal expansion of ceramic bearing balls compared to steel balls, hybrid ceramic bearings offer the following advantages:

-- Higher stiffness

-- Improved RPM performance

-- Less centrifugal force and inertial force inside the bearing

-- Minimizes the stress on the rolling contact surface of the outer ring at high speed

-- Less frictional heat

-- Low power consumption

-- Longer bearing and grease life

-- When subjected to frequent rapid start and stop, it is not easy to slip and scratch and damage the cage

-- Less sensitive to differences in temperature within the bearing

-- Higher preload/clearance control accuracy

DesignationPrincipal dimensionsBasic load ratingsFatigue load limitAttainable speeds
Angular Contact Thrust Bearings
Grease lubricationOil-air lubrication
BTW 35 CTN9/SP35623416.8391.831100014000
BTW 40 CTN9/SP40683619.546.52.241000013000
BTW 45 CTN9/SP45753822.1542.6950012000
BTW 50 CTN9/SP50803822.5602.85900011000
BTW 55 CTN9/SP55904430.2803.875009000
BTM 60 ATN9/P4CDB60953321.6431.861010012900
BTM 60 ATN9/HCP4CDB60953321.6431.861270015200
BTM 60 BTN9/P4CDB60953325502.12900011500
BTM 60 BTN9/HCP4CDB60953325502.121110013300
BTW 60 CTN9/SP60954430.783475009000
BTM 65 ATN9/P4CDB65100332247.52950012100
BTM 65 ATN9/HCP4CDB65100332247.521190014200
BTM 65 BTN9/P4CDB651003326542.32840010900
BTM 65 BTN9/HCP4CDB651003326542.321040012400
BTW 65 CTN9/SP651004431.9904.370008500
BTM 70 ATN9/P4CDB701103627.558.52.45870011100
BTM 70 ATN9/HCP4CDB701103627.558.52.451090013000
BTM 70 BTN9/P4CDB701103632672.8577009900
BTM 70 BTN9/HCP4CDB701103632672.85950011300
BTW 70 CTN9/SP7011048391125.367008000
BTM 75 ATN9/P4CDB751153627.5612.6820010400
BTM 75 ATN9/HCP4CDB751153627.5612.61030012300
BTM 75 BTN9/P4CDB751153632.569.52.973009400
BTM 75 BTN9/HCP4CDB751153632.569.52.9900010700
BTW 75 CTN9/SP751154839.71165.663007500
BTM 80 ATN9/P4CDB8012540.533.573.53.176009700
BTM 80 ATN9/HCP4CDB8012540.533.573.53.1960011500
BTM 80 BTN9/P4CDB8012540.539853.5568008700
BTM 80 BTN9/HCP4CDB8012540.539853.55840010000
BTW 80 CTN9/SP801255447.51406.5556006700

DesignationPrincipal dimensionsBasic load ratingsFatigue load limitAttainable speeds

Grease lubricationOil-air lubrication

BTM 85 ATN9/P4CDB8513040.533.5783.1573009300
BTM 85 ATN9/HCP4CDB8513040.533.5783.15910010900
BTM 85 BTN9/P4CDB8513040.540883.664008300
BTM 85 BTN9/HCP4CDB8513040.540883.680009500
BTW 85 CTN9/SP851305448.81466.756006700
BTM 90 ATN9/P4CDB90140453991.53.5568008700
BTM 90 ATN9/HCP4CDB90140453991.53.55850010100
BTM 90 BTN9/P4CDB901404546.5102460007700
BTM 90 BTN9/HCP4CDB901404546.5102474008800
BTW 90 CTN9/SP901406055.91737.6550006000
BTM 95 ATN9/P4CDB951454540933.665008300
BTM 95 ATN9/HCP4CDB951454540933.682009800
BTM 95 BTN9/P4CDB951454546.51064.0558007400
BTM 95 BTN9/HCP4CDB951454546.51064.0572008600
BTW 95 CTN9/SP951456057.21807.850006000
BTM 100 ATN9/P4CDB1001504541.51023.863007900
BTM 100 ATN9/HCP4CDB1001504541.51023.879009400
BTM 100 BTN9/P4CDB10015045481164.356007100
BTM 100 BTN9/HCP4CDB10015045481164.369008200
BTW 100 CTN9/SP1001506059.21938.1550006000
BTM 110 ATN9/P4CDB11017054571374.856007100
BTM 110 ATN9/HCP4CDB11017054571374.870008300
BTM 110 BTN9/P4CDB1101705465.51535.549006400
BTM 110 BTN9/HCP4CDB1101705465.51535.561007300
BTW 110 CTN9/SP1101707281.926010.443005000
BTM 120 ATN9/P4CDB1201805458.5146552006700
BTM 120 ATN9/HCP4CDB1201805458.5146565007700
BTM 120 BTN9/P4CDB1201805469.51665.746005900
BTM 120 BTN9/HCP4CDB1201805469.51665.757006800
BTW 120 CTN9/SP1201807285.228010.840004800

DesignationPrincipal dimensionsBasic load ratingsFatigue load limitAttainable speeds

Grease lubricationOil-air lubrication

BTM 130 ATN9/P4CDB1302006373.51866.147006000
BTM 130 ATN9/HCP4CDB1302006373.51866.159007000
BTM 130 BTN9/P4CDB13020063852086.842005400
BTM 130 BTN9/HCP4CDB13020063852086.851006100
BTW 130 CTN9/SP1302008410636013.236004300
BTM 140 AM/P4CDB1402106373.51906.144005700
BTM 140 AM/HCP4CDB1402106373.51906.156006700
BTM 140 BM/P4CDB1402106386.52166.9539005100
BTM 140 BM/HCP4CDB1402106386.52166.9549005800
BTW 140 CM/SP1402108410637513.232003800
BTM 150 AM/P4CDB15022567.586.52287.141005300
BTM 150 AM/HCP4CDB15022567.586.52287.152006200
BTM 150 BM/P4CDB15022567.5104260837004800
BTM 150 BM/HCP4CDB15022567.5104260845005300
BTW 150 CM/SP1502259012744015.330003600
BTM 160 AM/P4CDB16024072982607.839005000
BTM 160 AM/HCP4CDB16024072982607.849005800
BTM 160 BM/P4CDB160240721142908.834004500
BTM 160 BM/HCP4CDB160240721142908.843005100
BTW 160 CM/SP1602409614051016.628003400
BTM 170 AM/P4CDB170260811183159.1536004700
BTM 170 AM/HCP4CDB170260811183159.1545005300
BTM 170 BM/P4CDB1702608114036010.432004100
BTM 170 BM/HCP4CDB1702608114036010.439004600
BTW 170 CM/SP17026010817461019.624003000
BTM 180 AM/P4CDB1802809014036510.434004400
BTM 180 AM/HCP4CDB1802809014036510.442005000
BTM 180 BM/P4CDB1802809016342511.830003800
BTM 180 BM/HCP4CDB1802809016342511.836004300
BTW 180 CM/SP18028012019971022.420002600
BTW 190 CM/SP19029012020373522.820002600
BTW 200 CM/SP20031013223886525.519002400

TKW Focuses On the Development and Manufacturing of General and Non-Standard Rolling bearings

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